Dear sir, it has come to my attention…

A few people out there think that catapults are not a valid form of weapon.

Of course if they’d employed a magister tomentorum instead of “artists” they might have experienced more success. In my world if I wanted to kill someone with a catapult they’d be freaken dead. I hit what I’m aiming at. That a few people are not obviously dead as we speak is a testament to my often doubted, yet actually considerable, tollerance. 

PM of  NZ has sugested that I could give these muppets a lesson. Yeah I could… but they wouldn’t like the lesson I give them.

Vote for me in the AMP scholarship stakes to help prevent “artists” from making dicks of themselves in public.


13 Responses to Dear sir, it has come to my attention…

  1. pmofnz says:

    Somehow I suspect you intended “magister tormentorum”, not “magister tomentorum”…

  2. Murray says:

    What i intended and what makes it to the screen are sledom the same thing.

    Happily I have about 200 spell checkers.

  3. Ciaron says:

    This is what happens when artists try to be engineers.

    we liked to quip that architects were the halfway point: not artistic enough to be artists, not smart enough to be engineers.

  4. Murray says:

    Well these knobs seem to be under the impression that they’ve prooved somethign about catapults.

    I agree, they’ve prooved catapults require skill and intelligence.

    This one didn’t work. you do the math… they didn’t.

  5. Ciaron says:

    This is me caring about spelling.

    Yeah, yeah…

    anyway, what do you know of Ernle Bradford? Have you come accross his work in your studies?

  6. Murray says:

    We have about 9 or so of his books in the library but being an older author hes generally frowned upon in the hisotry school.

  7. Murray says:

    That would my evaluation.

    You should see the nappy wetting when you use people who were actually there for NZ Wars research.

  8. lofty says:

    Not a valid form of weapon??? wot the fuck????

    Perhaps they would like to stand in front of your wee wall Murray, a real game changer I am picking.

  9. Murray says:

    Don’t tease me.

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