Friday Afternoon Lashout – the after lunch nap version.

And that bookends the exams nicely I think. For those of you who waited too long to start and just failed your exams miserably there is good news, McDonalds is hiring. Don’t bother coming back to see if you can suddenly become a model student next semester, its all over, you wont get approved for a loan next year so just give up now and stop getting into debt.

Thanks for making it easier to get to the top end of the grade curve, your time is up now though.


5 Responses to Friday Afternoon Lashout – the after lunch nap version.

  1. Ciaron says:

    Concur. Every time I go back to CPIT to tutor some students I marvel at how many of my class mates are still there repeating piss easy papers, who then ask me why I don’t come to lectures!

    I simply reply: because I got an ‘A’ the first time,

  2. Murray says:

    People tell me how lucky I am to have an A- gpa. I tell them its funny that I seem to get luckier the more time I spend in the library.

  3. lofty says:

    Yes it’s funny the old luck thing isn’t it. I am lucky I had parents who showed me how to become a good citizen.
    I am lucky that the choices I have made have in general worked out OK. based on my upbringing.
    I am lucky that the more hours and effort I put in, the wealthier I become.
    I am lucky that my children are all doing well.
    I am lucky to be able to pass on good work ethics and social skills to my grandchildren.
    I am lucky I have had the support and love of a wife & family for 39 years.
    If I am any more “lucky” I will win lotto on saturday night (I am not holding my breath)

  4. Hannah says:

    I’m lucky I know people who study in libraries 😛

  5. Murray says:

    You’re lucky you can roast a lamb too.

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