Meet Spvdicvs

Spudicvs is a small onager built from my plans by Seth Bradley in the US. He completed Spudicvs pretty much the same way I completed Chucky, about 3 minutes before shooting in public.

Word is Spudicvs performed well.

The event was a small spud throwing thing.

Small thing about safety… we don’t work from behind the throwing arm. Really should get around to completing the plans instructions I guess.

Or over the top of the throwing arm, not such a big deal with a small machine but I don like to avoid trips to the ER.

The guy walking around in front of the firing line… not my problem, talk the to the range controller.

This is the prove of concept model built by an unamed navy type in deepest Dannevirk.

Yes its pretty much made from 4X2 and you too can build one if you want. If you want to take a shot at one of these then just email me and ask for them. they’re not entirely complete because I’m rather busy with stuff but I will help you with any problems you have. I don’t charge for incomplete plans but I do ask that you don’t make them available for free online because thats several years worth of my research you’re giving away for nothing. If you do feel you’ve had value from them then you can always make a dontation to the ongoing research with a paypal donation to my email address.

Eventually we’ll have enough of these along with the tennisball ballista to have our own tennisball throwing event. Thats a great day out for the kids.

2 Responses to Meet Spvdicvs

  1. George says:

    Interesting looking stuff in the background too. One looks like a spud version of a gatling or chain gun.
    The other a single shot gas gun built for range…

  2. Murray says:

    Yeah I’m one of those purists that prefer not to have compressed gas launching systems at these sort of events. Or at least have them in a seperate class.

    Its not so much engineering as who can sfford the best compressor.

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