RNZN 70 years old

The Royal New Zealand Navy is turning 70 this weekend. Prior to becoming a seperate service it was the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy. Glyn Harper takes every oportunity to tell me that this makes the army the senior service in New Zealand and I take this as an oportunity to point out witt out a navy New Zealand would freaken exist and managed to get him back by having him say something nice about the navy while autographing a book for my father.

Such is itnter-service rivalry.

Either way its the navy’s weekend and my father will be dusting off his medals and attending a number of the activities. Soemhow we’ve managed to get eleven ships together which will make Wellington harbour fairly crowded and a new Queens colour will be presented with the old one laid up. In fact father was present when the first one was presented many moons ago.

Sunday 9th October:

1000 – Anniversary Church Service incorporating laying up of the old Queens Colour in the Naval Chapel of St Christopher’s, Devonport Naval Base.

A full program is here. Why not drop by and hum a few bars of Elgar. The navy is a part of our culture and heritage, your heritage in fact, so show some damned pride and respect in it and don’t make me slap your ears.

Carry on.

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