Project Update: Nearly halfway there!

Project Agrippas  fund raising is now on Reddit, here and here.

By all means go say something supportive and help promote the links.

Also if you haven’t checked out the funding page please do. For those that do make a contribution you will get more than the warm glow of satisfaction that comes from helping a madman build a weapons system, there are perks!

For donations of $20 or more you’ll get a hand cast, painted and antiqued AugustusAgrippa coin that was struck to celebrate the victory at Actium of Mark Anthony. Frankly people pay more than that for the replicas alreay.

For a contribution of$50 or more there is the very popular table top Onager/Mangonal kit which has been updated with new tensioners and two throwing arms. One sling one spoon as shown. So now you can learn for yourself why the mangonal was a fiction of the medieval monks. (Hint: It doesn’t work.)

For the erous people who contribut $100 or more there is a Project Agrippa mug. It’s cool… wish I could have one but I’m not allowed. [Sigh]

And finally if you go nuts and contribute $200 or more then you’ll get all of the above! You can drink hot chocolate and toss your coin to see which of the cubicle collegues will be targeted by your onager!


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