Not dead, just sleeping.

Yes its a new post, I’ve been absent for over a year doing other stuff.

So to sumarise:
Completed by honours degree,
started my Masters thesis,
got married,
having a baby in October,
starting PhD in Febuary 2013. Such is the plan anyway.

Further to that item my thesis is related to the impact of torsion artillery on ancient warfare. There is a strong focus on practical testing and there will be large catapults built and operated in field condtions. The largest of these will be Agrippa, a 4 mina ballista. (Thats fancy Latin talk for it throws 3.25kg stones.)

Disturbingly a couple of New Zeland based businesses have offered the primary ingredients of metal and wood to build this machine, so now I’m just looking to raise the funds to be able to move things from where they to where they’re needed. Below is a link to the fund raising site for Project Agrippa. Please go there, be amazed (that they let me write stuff without getting it spell checked), throw $20 at it (for which you’ll get a replica Augustus/Agrippa coin) and tell everyone you ever met, hell walk up to complete strangers on the street and tell them! Because its the sharing that gets these things funded.

More updates later when I remember that not everyone is my friend of Facebook.

2 Responses to Not dead, just sleeping.

  1. William says:

    Any chance of displaying your thesis? It would be an interesting read.

  2. Murray says:

    Well its at least 4 years from publication but it will be a book that I’ll be pushing. Thats kind of how it works. A pethetic effort to get 12 sales of a special interest topic book to compensate for the $80,000 student loan debt.

    I do plan to build a website with a lot of the information and experiement results though. Its on my to do list.

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