Road trip – Kiwi style!

Ok so I WAS planning a trip tomorrow, but here in the Shire ocasionally something goes wrong. Flat tyre, sudden petrol price hike, dragons (which in these parts is more often than you’d think) and of course one of the fun parts of living in one of the more active parts of theRing of Fire (not a Johnny Cash song).

The earthquakes of last couple of weeks have borne fruit and Tonagriro has gotten all like “yeah dude I’m gonna fuck you up… and your little car too!” Civil Defence issued a threat warnings to Waikato, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, Manawatu-Whanganui (hey I LIVE there!), Bay of Plenty (damn I was going there) and Taranaki.

We’re due to be on the road this time tomorrow, but I’m just going to review that over the next 24 hours I think. Sleep in or play dodge the molten flying rock… such a line call.

Oh yeah the water is off too. Wonder if thats related to explody mountain stuff. If a bunch of dwarves show up for dinner and invite me on an adeventure tell them to piss off.


One Response to Road trip – Kiwi style!

  1. I think Smaug must be waking up.

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