Ballista refurbishment – day 2

Well the first job  in installing a new slide was to remove the old dovetail from the existing tray. This meant making the sides vertical and for this I made a tool. The Drill Driven Gutter Sander, or Duggie as I call him.

It worked very well and with some assistance from the chisel for the area inside the torsion fame I have a good clean gutter ifiarly short order. As always more time is spent setting up the work than the actual work. I would has dismounted the tray from the torsion from but those threaded rods are going nowhere. The damp from storage has locked them up tight so I saw no reason to mess with them and wrecl the holes getting them out.

The new square silde is made up of several parts and this is the key one in that it is the primary guide for the entire slide. In spite of using improvised tools its runs sung and smooth. Note: Cover with beeswax for lubrication and moisture resistance.

Also made yesterday was the front stand to replace the one that is currently hiding at the back of a pile of tent frames. On the up side its nice and pretty for showing off. Mmm pretty.

Today I’m finishing off the stand because its easier to work on the tray and slide with the ballista mounted. I’ll also be cleaning and painting the washers while dreaming of some brass shims that will not come to pass on my budget.

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