Ballista refurbishment Day Four

Did the dowling for the stand today. This is with the dowels in and wedged drying.

This is after sanding. Makes for a clean finsih that doesn’t result in black lines from metal fixtures.

Also put together the rear stand AKA the Y Stand.

This is what it looks like when you put them together. It seems that almost everyone who builds a ballista is convinced that they rested on a single rear brace that rested in a graduated rack on the back brace of the front stand. The problem is that this does not actually function. The aledged adjustment in angle is minimal and the configuration is unstable making the ballista usless in the fire support role.

To overcome these issues we went for this which we call the T/Y system. The front stand, the T stand carries the ballista and the Y stand has spikes set into the bottoms of the braces and you adjust the angle of the ballista by moving them forward of back. It makes the ballista very stable and reduces the grouping substantially. Usually at two events the ballista will be set up the evening before and will not require adjustment during the entire event. Given that we operate in some very confined places its essential that we don’t go waving things about randomly.

As you can see I’ve also started rigging. A lot and tedious activity.


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