Long Tan

The Battle of Long Tan (18 August 1966) was fought in a rubber plantation near the village of Long Tan, 27 kilometres north east of Vung Tau, in Phuoc Tuy Province, between D Coy 6 Royal Australian Regiment with support from Australian, New Zealand and US artillery and Viet Cong 275th Regiment with D445 Provincial Mobile Battalion NVA.

108-man D Company was in contact with a force of over 2,000 enemy for over three hours . Much of the fighting took place in a heavy downpour with the company position increasingly in danger of being overrun with the enemy frequently being halted in the assault by fire support. They held out untill armoured support of 3 Troop, 1st APC Squadron carrying B Coy 6RAR arrived from the firebase at Nui Dat

They suffured 18 killed and 28 wounded. It is estimated that they killed or wounded around 600 of their enemy.
The full documentry is avaliable on youtube.

This post is in acknowldgement of their professionalism and sacrifice. It is not an inviation for debate.


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