Help fund a major research project!

January 23, 2013

And score yourself a catapult kit-set in the process.

The Trojan Killing Zone

January 20, 2013

Go ahead and get your copy today. It went in without a final edit on half of it so there are spelling and grammar issues but I’m too busy to fix it.  I eneded up with enough marks to get entry to the PhD program so who cares.

The Trojan Killing Zone cover

According to Massey University its “A look at the defences and battle strategy of the Trojans through the eye of a soldier. Provides an evaluation of Troy’s ditches as a defensive system within the context of warfare as practiced by contemporary participants.” Maybe I should go there and Belich it up… going to need a camera, a sports jacket and an untidy haircut…

Anyway according to me it was 1/2 of what I did in 2011 so feel free to make a contribution: 22AD Research Fund

If the trebuchet plan* is anything to go by I stand to make maybe $6.50 out of this.

*Still No 1 on google search for “free trebuchet plan” and one person in every 1,000 will donate a dollar.