What the hell is this please.

May 21, 2010

Bottom line is don’t go shopping in the US. These jackbooted semi-retarded tiny dicked bed wetting goons claim they can prove with their sudio that they were threatened and assulted. I’ve listened to it several time and I challenge you to show me where that happened. I’d also like to hear where the couple was advised of their rights when they were arrested.

Real unifroms are in Iraq, Afghanistan and a host of other places fighting to actually stop this sort of bullshit.

Clean your own house America.

Security isn’t a dirty word Blackadder

May 4, 2010

Crevice is a dirty word!

Shame no one had this conversation with that crevice John Key given the substantial hard on he has for getting poll points off the back of the military has once again led him to detail something our SAS has been up to.

There is a very good reason that this country protects the identies of our Special Services and their activities. Its a very small unit from a very small country and its work pisses off a lot VERY bad people. Bad and cowardly people who would seek attacking members of the SAS via any personal connnection as being a prefered option rather than a secondary choice.

I’d very much like if John Key stuck to civilian administration and ceased being a PR device for his own polling and an intelligence source for our enemies.

Thank you that is all. (No I wont give you a link.)

What a load of mealy mouthed dancing from Farrar.

September 7, 2009

While it is true that the referendum question did not specifically say that the anti-smacking law should be repealled the message was absolutly clear. nearly 90% of said this is crap, end it now.

But John Key took a leaf from the Helen Clark book of telling people what to think and told us that in fact we had “expressed concerns” and he would move to resure us. Well gee John I feel so much better now… yeah just stop patting me on the fucking head ok Johhny, I’ll TELL you what I think.

Meanwhile David Philis Farrar has jumped on the Johnnys band wagon for the tell us what to think oh master ride.

While I wish to see the law amended, and believe most of the public do also, the referendum was not a vote on repealing the anti-smacking law.

I, for one, would not vote in favour of repeal and returning to the old law.

Screw you Farrar, you know dam well that this law is the single most hated legislation in this countries history. You personally not wanting to vote to repeal it doesn’t make this big pile of bullshit suddenly aquire the smell of a rose garden. You don’t tinker with something that does NOTHING except leave open the possiblity of prosecution for raising your own children. Just like the left there are elements on the right who can;t see the difference between a shit idea and a good if its come from their side of political divide.

Newsflash boys, no one from a political camp decided elections. Its the people in the middle who don;t give a crap untill they’re pissed off who call the shots. And John Key is pissing people off faster than Helen Clark managed.

Push poll or blog post, you decide.

Then why did they prosecute?

February 5, 2009

Its the job of the police to contrive charges now?

Arms Act charges against Christchurch Symphony Orchestra horn player Bernard David Shapiro have been described as “a raft of technical strategems” by the judge hearing the case.

“There’s no real crime here,” said Judge John Cadenhead after hearing another day of evidence and legal submissions in the case, which now dates back 22 months since Shapiro’s arrest.

If Mr Shapiros lawyer has any nouse he’ll be going the cops I’m thinking. I’m also thinking it’s fairly safe to assume he’s not an Islamic terrorist hmm? A radical group of separatist brass instrument musicians perhaps?


March 8, 2008

Utter bufoons.

Two police pistols have gone missing while being couriered from north of Auckland to Wellington.

The police-issue Glock pistols – sent from Warkworth station in December – have not yet reached the police armoury in Wellington.

“We can’t jump to conclusions here. All we can really say is they are missing,” said Inspector Tom Ireland, police operations and projects manager.

Here I’ll jump to conclusion for you, you can’t hit shit with them, you keep UDing in the locker room and you can’t even keep track of them, you shouldn’t have them!

Give them back, heres a little wooden stick, go nuts.

Maybe we could have a donuts for guns exchange program.

Len Richards is a fuckwit.

November 6, 2007

When you get to the bottom of the hole STOP DIGGING you Harry Stamper wannabe.

A man who swung a megaphone at a protester (which is code for smacked him in the head) in a scuffle outside the Labour Party conference says it never hit the target.

 Well thats alright then, you only TRIED to assault him. You fucked it up so its all ok. Yeah….. no. Being an incompetent lying thug is not a valid defence. Lets just picture the spittle flecked response from Helens gang of sneering front bench back bench bully boys if it had been a National Party confrence where protesters were being beaten up by delegates and arrested for trying to stop shall we.

Way to make it go away dickless.

Len Richards ladies and gentlemen, the best delegate National could buy.


November 5, 2007

Or we’ll smack you in the head bro!

Labour is going to pieces so fast that people are getting hit by shrapnel… and megaphones. Not a party that responds well to presure.

Get used to it.

Is anyone running a book on who the next labour party member to assault will be and what excuse will be used to not toss his ass in jail?

Anyone else got a problem with a labour party delegate openly assualting a member of the public then casually walking back through  police lines while the cops arrest the guy who tried to stop the offender?

No politicised policing to see here, move a long.

The New Zealand Police should be disarmed.

October 4, 2007

For reasons of public safety.

These pricks are just plain too crappy marksmen to be permitted to run round in public. “Up to a dozen rounds” at one dog and you can’t hit it at virtaul point blank range?

Then having heard the shots from TV1’s footage my professional assesment would be more than one shooter and the better part of a couple of mags going down range. Of course it wasn’t ON a range, it was in a public street. The police claim that there was “no danger to the public” is just utter utter bullshit. Without having templated and surveyed the area you have no glue where those rounds are going and given your obvious inability to hit what you’re aiming at the chance of smacking off something you didn’t know was there increase with every jerk of the trigger. And there was clearly a lot of trigger jerking going on.

The technical name for the sort shooting I heard was a “yippie”.

And to that the number of stories I have from friends who were or are cops about UD’s in the changing rooms and various other “incidents” I say we should no more be giving cops firearms than we should over sugared hyperactive ten year olds.

From observation almost the same thing.

You guys suck.

In my world we hit what we aim at, its called being a professional. But then in the army we didn’t collect taxes for Cullen so we had time to train.

Crime is at an “all time low”

February 4, 2007

Dear Leader says it is so. All peasants now rejoice!

So this is clearly a typing error of some kind, a really long, highly detailed, file recorded typing error:

Dear Sir

Re: Common Assault – File No: 070127/4955

I am writing to you with regard to your report on 24th January 2007, as you were travelling in your vehicle registration No. [DELETED] you were punched in the left jaw by the passenger in vehicle, Registration No. DNU511.

Due to the high number of priority crimes occurring in the Balmoral area in the past several months, I have been unable to assign your complain to an investigator at this stage.

Your complaint will be investigated in due course and an investigator will be in contact with you at that time.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me at the Balmoral police station, phone DDI (09) 631-1026

Yours faithfully,

M. Dalton
Acting Sargeant MDG874
Enquiry Office
Balmoral Police

This is not a case of some guy wandering in, saying: “hey, some unknown guy smacked me in the head”. This complaint – characterised by Acting Sgt. Dalton as a “report” – was backed up with photographic evidence and two witnesses.

Do you want us to go round and arrest the guy ourselves, or what?

No, seriously, at what level do you guys just simply NOT carry out the job, because you’re out of staff? Which I find difficult to reconcile with your former Police Commissioner (the patsy Clark slid in by stitching up Doone) said that he had all the staff he needed… right before the election.

Politics, like comedy, is all about the timing. Only “funny” in a different way.

If you, the New Zealand Police, are quite simply NOT able to protect us, what is our alternative? The Government has clearly created a vacuum that can only be filled by something you don’t want.

I you don’t, wont or can’t protect us, we’ll do it ourselves.

What choice do we have?

oddly enough when we do protect ourselves the cops seem to have resources to SPARE!