Question for the staff of Silent Running

January 16, 2010

Anyone able to share with me why google adds have suddenly appeared on my site?

Note to National Party Web Critters.

December 18, 2006

I subscribed to Don Brash’s newsletter, not John Keys’.

Don’t send me crap I didn’t ask for, that’s called “spamming”. To make it clear, anything that contains the words “climate change” in the first sentence is a dictionary definition of CRAP in my book.

Taking voters for granted can cost you elections. Evidently you’re moving on from losing the last election by preparing for losing the next election.

You can fly it into the ground if you like, but turn off the pilot’s commentary for this passenger, thanks.

I’m Baaack

December 18, 2006

So Auckland was Auckland – which is enough to make sane people (all non-jafas) hope like hell that this alleged global warming climate change will actually turn out to have some legs, and the next tide will be about 100′ above normal.

Now that I’m back in the place where you don’t have stand still traffic at 0700 when you’re still 50 k’s from the cbd, it’s time to get to work on the next project..


I have to have one of these up and working within four weeks. There’s some very flash custom casting to be done, and there’s no telling how much kick this puppy will have, or where the… erm “payload” will go, and the yank the string time.

On an unrelated matter, you may want to stay clear of SH2 between the Moonshine and Totara Park Bridges for the next couple of weeks.

UPDATE: The paper test model has now been made. Of course having gone that far I may as well colour it and make it a commercial item. Queue all the whinging free loaders, who think the world owes them everything, and a free lunch thrown in for good measure.



December 13, 2006

Off to Auckland for the weekend.

Leave your offers of free meal/alcohol in the comments. Time will be short and keep in mind I hate the damn place having been born there so make the most of it I’m not planning of doing it again in the near future.

The Empty site formerly known as Sir Humphrys

November 27, 2006

Well, they chaps are victims of their own success and an untimely long weekend in the host country of their server.

Expect them back on screen some time Tuesday.

Do what I did to avoid 509’s: build up a really succesful site, have some yank fly boy unilaterally take control of the hosting and then screw round with the site at his own whim, while ignoring all the authors, walk away and start your own private club for the readers that follow you.

You’ll never exceed your bandwidth or have to deal with inane wankers, who think they have a right to be dickheads on your dime.

Other authors may come with you, but not actually post that much anyway. It’s all good.

And the winner is…

September 29, 2006