Well why the hell not, they’re responsible for everything else…

December 17, 2010

Mossad may be behind Red Sea shark attacks…

Just when you thought there was nothign else Arabs could do to make themselves look stupid!

New Zealand undertakes a persecution of Jews.

June 2, 2010

No not as a reaction to the lawful boarding of a bolckade runner but as a preemtive measure to make life difficult for Jews in New Zealand. Jews in New Zealand are now banned from eating meat. That aint kiwi.

The issue is the killing of animals for food. As most people are aware both Jews and Muslims have fairly strict dietry codes, based largey on the fact that they come from a climate where food poils quickly. In both cases, kosher and halal animals requitre a ritual when killed. Specifically both religions require the animal have its carotid artery is severed, draining the blood in the swiftest possible time. The animal hardly feels a thing, it just lapses into unconciousness.

Most New Zelanders are also aware that we export meat to the Muslim countires and maintin halal killing in most of our slaughter houses. What most are entirely unaware of is that the New Zealand government, in the form of Agriculture Minister David Carter has banned the kosher killing as “barbaric”.

The defence that halal kills in the same way, and in fact every single farmer also kills his meat in the same manner was rejected by Carter.

Carter rejected the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee’s warning that although it prefers that all animals be stunned before slaughtering, banning Jewish ritual slaughter decision may violate the country’s Bill of Rights.

So he doesn’t care that its a common method of killing and one we have used here since we first arrived and he also doesn’t care about the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act even though the body the oversees animal welfare believes that it is discriminatory action and advised that stunning is only preferable, not a requirement.

Mr Carter you stated reasons are clearly spuerious and you have violated the rights of New Zealands. Please explain.

I’m seeing a trend in this government and its clearly anti-something… what is the common demominator here? If the people who want to chjange my flag get their way what do they plan to change it to? I’m not a fan of the red black and white one we seem to deserve.

Global implications of being Jewish.

June 2, 2010

When most people go to work they say see you later. My brother is a journalist who works for a government media organisation and when he heads off to work he says “cover me , I’m going in”. Given that I was the soldier that should have been my line, but I’ve never felt myself to be in a suficiently hostile environment to warrant it and I’ve only been shot once… also run over by a tank (it was only a little one) and stabbed the one time… but that was my crew commander and he swears it was an accident so it hardly counts.

Just a little something to think about for all you non-Jews who can’t see anti-Semitism for the trees. You don’t seek out Israelis when you want to be “citical of Israel”, you go looking for Jews.

What are you going to do when someone comes for you and there’s no on left to speak up?

This morning punted two of my oldest friends from all my contact lists because they didn’t get it so don’t go thinking I have a sense of humor about this.

Act not answering questions today.

February 8, 2010

The following was sent to Rodney hide, Heather Roy, Sir Roger Douglas, John Boscawen and David Garret this morning:

t is my understanding that Kevin Campbell is standing for the Vice-Presidency of ACT and that he has taken to referring to our Prime Minister as “John the Jew” as evidenced by the his comments on John Ansells blog which is attempting to replace our ensign with a corporate logo. He went on to defend this with “Basil, relax, its a fact he’s a Jew. If it was Helen Clark I would have said Helen the dirty filthy communist.” the characterisation is both incorrect and so casually anti-Semitic as to be utterly appalling.

This raises two issues for me (just in time for Holocaust Day coincidental). Firstly if this was a genuine comment from someone seeking a high position within Act then I would expect Act seeking to put some substantial distance between the party and this individual.Secondly his support for removal of our heritage in the form of our national ensign is obvious. Is it Acts policy to support the taking away of our flag from the thousands of New Zealander’s for whom it has great significance?

Obviously having spurred me to actually make an effort to ask these questions directly makes the answers to them directly relevant to any future support for Act. Please note any answer should be considered public and my sense of humor is currently on holiday.

Thank you.
As yet I have recieved no reply from any of them. My position is that unless Act visibly parts company with Kevin Campbell in the very near future act will not be a voting option for me. I am of course only one vote so Act can well afford to piss me off so just not bothering to reply or fobbing me off with a half arsed “oops, he didn’t really mean to offend anyone” line is an option. Just not one that works for me.

Anti-Semitism and seperatist republicanism you can cram. That is all.

UPDATE: I recieved the following reply from Rodney on Saturday – hey look a politician working on a Saturday. I regard his response as entirely apropriate although it does led me to question if the media have picked up on an Act seeking election to the position of vice president of the party has been refered to the president for anti-semitic comments. Just a question.

Hi Murray

I am just catching up with my emails.

Words fail me.  The comments were totally repugnant and truly awful. I am appalled they were written by a person seeking office in the party.

I have referred the comments to the Party President for the Board to consider.



UPDATE II I just recieved the following:

Hi Murray

Your message to our Parliamentary team has reached me.  Just a quick reply on the Party matter that you raised – Mr Campbell has now resigned as a Member of ACT New Zealand and is no longer standing for election as our Vice President.



Dr M H Crozier

President  – ACT New Zealand

Thats how you deal with a problem child, not by protecting them.

Congratulations to Shahar Peer.

January 7, 2010

A win on centre court today at the WTA tournament in Auckland.

Unfortunately some of her personal cheering section were arrested for “excessive enthusiasm”. Rumor has it that given that they keep showing up and she keeps winning that shes going to ask them to tour with her.

I suspect the dried has-been John Minto lacks a grasp of Israeli  fortitude.  You keep calling it anti-Zionism minto but we’ll call it what it is, anti-Semitism.

And here’s your quote of the week: “They’re doing what they want. Everyone can do whatever they want, as long as I’m winning I don’t care.”


September 24, 2009


Actually to be fair Jimmah isn’t an anti-Semite just when he’s critical of Israel, he’s a 24 hour a day anti-Semite.

Where in the world?

January 20, 2009

Would you find a little girl holding a sign saying kill all the Jews and proudly displaying a swastika? Nazi Germany? The West Bank? Iran? An Illiois Nazi rally? (I really hate Illinois Nazis!)


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Come to New Zealand, bring your baggage!

January 15, 2009

Two Israeli women were refused service at an Invercargill cafe this week when the Muslim owner discovered where they were from.

Dear Mustafa Tekinkaya, I suspect you will find 1, Kiwis don’t really go in for this sort of openly racist crap (unless you’re Maori) and 2, Invergiggle ain’t really big enough for this sort of bullshit.

Don’t like it planes leave daily.

Keep your anti-Semitic bullshit in your own country, we have our own already with likes of minto and his small coellection of like minded delusion terrorist huggers, we’re not looking to import more.

Speaking as a westerner I am fankly sick to bloody death of seeing the fucking west bank being exported to our cites and streets. You couldn’t keep yourselves from killing women and kids in your own back yards now you think standing on a street in the western world screaming for Jews to back to ovens is going fly? Let me remind of two words “never again”.

We took down the last lot that tried what you want and they were a SHITLOAD more organised then you. Keep pushing.

Note to residents of Invercargill:

The Mevlana Cafe

37 Esk St, Invercargill

Owner Mustafa Tekinkaya.

03-214 1790

I urge you to both bycott the establishment and to let the owner know that his racism and descrimination are not how we do things in this country. Its ours, not his. If he wants to be a kiwi then he needs to change, not us. Be polite when you express yourselves please, no swastikas, no fire bombs, no threats. Speak up now when they come for someone else or there’ll be no one to speak when they come for you.

Hi, New Zealand Herald?

February 4, 2007

Yeah, I’ve got a question for you with regard to your Sunday edition…

What the FUCK is THIS?


Pictured is John Key, leader of the opposition National Party. Note the giant hook nose, the demonic ears, the staring eyes and the fanged teeth. Yes, we have seen EXACTLY this sort of caricature before, haven’t we. Where’d you learn your trade Trace, under Dr Goebbels or in Tehran?

Apparently, the leader of the opposition being Jewish is an issue for “Trace”.

I think a resignation/termination is in order, NZ Herald. Not that we actually expect one, of course.

You can use this link to tell the editor of the HOS how you feel about this anti-Semetic attack by Trace Hodgson and what you think about their continued use of this… thing.