And in the mail today…

November 5, 2009

The following is genuine and came to me from a news agency.

From: Prerna Lal <>
Date: 2009/11/5
Subject: Deporting Dr. Lal is Deplorable
Cc:Various news agencies.

Dear Illegal PM of my Country,

I hope this email gets to you or gets published in a medium that can reach you. Unfortunately, you seem to have isolated yourself from the press instead of using it to gain leverage over your opposition.

I supported your coup in 2006 because I really did believe that you did the right thing by getting rid of the racist and homophobic Qarase.  But what you have done since then has been atrocious: cracking down on the media, detaining and deporting journalists, breaking diplomatic ties with countries and acting like ‘the law.’ Deporting Dr. Brij Lal is the last straw.

How do you expect your ‘best and brightest’ academics, journalists, solicitors and entrepreneurs to come back home and contribute to Fiji when you keep infringing on freedom of speech by throwing us in jail and deporting us anytime we cast doubt on your (false) promises?

How do you expect us to put our minds together and work on pressing issues of concern to Fijian society when you censor and eliminate our voices?

This goes beyond a diplomatic attack on our colonial cousins in Australia. Dr. Brij Lal is an exemplary Indian scholar on the Girmit and Indenture system with profound knowledge Fijian history and the current political situation in Fiji. In fact, he is probably one of the minds to tap in order to lead the country. And now I really hope Dr. Lal publishes a bunch of work against your illegal regime.

I love Fiji. But your military regime saddens and shames me,


Law School Candidate
Masters in International Relations
Blogger |

Speculation time.

July 24, 2009

On why Banarama rounded up church leaders undercover darkness and why it has not made the MSM?

They’re just questions.

Yeah… no.

November 6, 2007

Fiji police call for respect from NZ

Respect is earned, not demanded at the point of gun. You’re a bunch of thugs protecting a military dictator while kidnapping and assaulting our nationals and you want US to respect YOUR sovereignty???

Try another bananna, this ones a Constutional Monarchy, not a republic. We elect our governments gun boy.

Blogger seeks political asylum.

September 13, 2007

Time is short and the wheels are turning. Someone get me the hell out out of here!

Stalin had the KGB, Clark now has her own department to deal with “Trans-national networks link gangs, business people, families, political and religious movements and terrorist activities.”

We need a criminal investigation and prosecution unit to go after families, business people, church goers and ANYONE who takes part in the political process but isn’t a psycophantic left winger?

Then we must examine the speed with which this “transition” is taking place. The Serious Fraud Office which this new SS unit is replacing only a couple of months ago was looking for a new CEO and got a massive funding injection. Litterally overnight its being shut down and the staff transfered to the new unit.

Its staff will transfer to the OCA during a 12-month transition period, which starts now.

Clearly a high degree of urgency from a government that takes 18 months to find one of their own did nothing wrong by taking bribes in the form of free work in exhange for immigration assistance wouldn’t you say?

12 months time eh. Whats going on in 12 months time in New Zealand? Northcote College Spring Fair? Taita Golleges production of A Man For All Seasons? The Wellington Country Womens Institute BAKE SALE???

Or could it be that theres an election of sorts! I say of sorts because it sure isn’t shaping up as being a democratic one. Remeber those jokes about communist countries election results being stolen before the election? Yeah, not so funny from the inside thanks.

This is yet another transparent attempt to hamper the democratic process, steal another election and to shamelesly rewrite the legsilation post event to legitimise the theft of power by the most corrupt, malicious, dishonest, arrogant, vile, nasty vindictive and power mad group of people this country has ever been stupid enough to keep electing.   

If people get the governments they deserve then I for one wish to appologise for whatever it is we did to deserve this.

My great great grandfather commanded the Palmerston North Guard for this? My great great uncle took his own horses to South Africa for this? My great uncles climbed Rhododendron Ridge for this? The got blasted at Paschendale for this? My grand father and his brothers spend 4 years on the Mediterranean tour from hell for THIS?

Between us my father my brother and I have 54 years of military service so we could watch our democracy dismantled from within?????

I don’t think so Tim.

These guys are going to march. I would have used a different first two letters in the name but all credit to you. But I think we’re looking at a line being pole-vaulted over and its time to watch out for pukekos.  Someone out there is going to go over the edge and I don’t want to be here when it happens. So someone out there get me refugee status will you. Perth, Brisbane, New York, I hear the fishing is good in West Virginia. I’m not fussy. Will work for green card… also money.

Bottom line is Helen Clark has just set up her own personal Gestapo to go after people like me. People who are tired of her crap.

Something for all bloggers to read.

July 20, 2007

This is a transcript extract of an interview conducted by ABC’s Bruce Hill with Fiji Military Forces spokesman Major Neumi Leweni.

HILL: Sources in Fiji say the military are trying to get Fintel, the Telekom’s company to shut down all access to sites hosted by one of the most popular blogging companies, Blog Spot. Fintel has so far not commented publicly about the issue. But military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni has confirmed they are intensifying their hunt for the bloggers and that questioning Ulai Taoi a second time was justified by new evidence.

LEWENI: Yes, we did bring in Taoi today, just to show him the emails that he had been sending around.

HILL: What was the content of those emails?

LEWENI: Well, it is to do with some information that we believe was part of some bloggers.

HILL: So, when he denies being that blogger Fijian Black, you don’t believe him?

LEWENI: Well, this is evidence that we’ve got and we believe he had something to do with it.

HILL: And, is there any truth to the reports that the army is preparing to round up another 20 people on suspicion of being bloggers?

LEWENI: There are investigations ongoing, but I couldn’t confirm to you the number of people.

HILL: You said to me a week or so ago, that these bloggers were inconsequential and people shouldn’t pay any attention to them and the army wasn’t to fussed about it?

LEWENI: Yes I did, I did. But now evidence have pointed to people, so that’s an issue that we’ll need to address. Because it’s a form of media that’s been used and of course there are rules and laws on how you use this media tool, so that’s what we’re looking at.

HILL: By launching these manhunts for these bloggers, aren’t you just drawing attention to them? If you just ignored them, may be they wouldn’t have been?

LEWENI: Eh yes, like I said, initially we did say that, but now that identities have revealed some people, so that’s another matter now and when you actually know some people that do it.

HILL: What’s so wrong about it? They’re just engaging in some free speech, which is protected by the Fiji Constitution?

LEWENI: What paid to go around and saying bad things about people and speculating? To you that’s right? If that’s right, then I don’t think we should continue this conversation, bye.

Full transcript and audio. 

So for you blogging cheerleaders of the Fijian Military Dictatorship go ahead, defend this. Talk more crap. A little more at this stage wont make any difference and I can’t wait to see how you explain it when we progress to people simply dissapearing or hidden graves in the jungle, some over fed sharks perhaps.

At least in New Zealand Helen Clark can only use the title “blogger” as a slur, not an excuse to have the ARMY drag people away. Yeah at what point did we suddenly just accept the the Fijian army had any legal responsiblity for law enforcement. And there just arent sneer quotes bing enough for that phrase.

Friday Night Free For All

February 16, 2007


Tonight we look at how Reich Minister Jordan Carter, the Gauleiter of Helengrad has appointed himself as Chief of Interweb Thought Police in a factually impaired propaganda speech full of the usual leftist hyperbole and abuse in an effort to inspire hate and continued vilification of Whaleoil for the Thought Crime of daring to respond to the threats and abuse leveled at him by Farrar Troll Circus.

So thanks for your toxic little spew there. You want to up the ante we’re good to go on this side of the fence. Feel free to have your team of public service trolls just apologise for being abusive little twerps any time you like. They’ve already shown they’re gutless.

And for a reminder of the Minister for Disinformations credentials here he his assisting – clearly knowingly – in the defrauding of the New Zealand public of their money in supporting Labour.


What he’s hiding is the parliamentary crest indicating that we, yes you and I paid for this publicity effort on behalf of the Prima Facie Party.

Remember never let the fact get in the way of vilification and the promotion of hate towards non-socialists!

So you go ahead and compile your little dossier on all those who dare to not be commies. The facts remain online right there for all to see who bother to look. You guys brought it, you took a slapping and ran away. Now you’re just crying little bitches.

Hey anyone else ever notice that is a conservative calls a leftie “gay” or “fag” he’s a homophobic moron but when they direct it at conservatives it’s the height of wit.

Eat your heart out Oscar Wilde.

The Mugabe of the South Pacific.

February 3, 2007

Vice Air Field Marshal of the Fleet Voreqe Bainimarama Dada has taken another step along the path that will lead him to the retirement home for insane dictators eventually.

There is nothing going on that we haven’t seen before time and again, including the rest of the world sitting back and bloody well watching, while a democracy turns into stagnant backwater of corruption and terror under the control of one maniac.

Worse, we have people who are cheerleaders for this tyrant, because the government he overthrew was “corrupt”. Hardly a distinction in this part of the world, is it.

The story carries the headline “Fiji bans Helen Clark”. With the usual ego-centric socialist “it’s all about me” approach to news, it leaves the real story to the last couple of lines, and is virtually an afterthought.

It also names those who are banned from leaving.

The list included trade union officials, civil rights activists, politicians and businessmen.

Oh yeah, this looks good for democracy alright.

In 1945 we were digging up mass graves in island jungles, and shooting Japanese soldiers and sailors. It didn’t bring back one single person.

Bananarama is on the path to making people who are a problem to him dissapear. Are we really going to sit here and wait untill Bananarama dies of old age, and we go digging in the Fijian jungle before Fiji gets democracy again?

You’re damn right we are.

Anything else is in the “too hard” basket for Clark’s “benign strategic environment”.