Save an old soldier, prevent the sale of white poppies!

April 22, 2010

The hippies that time forgot are at it again. What they beleive, their values their agenda are more important than anyone and anything else.

This time however they are taking money from the people who ensured they have the rights that they do. Our veterans. In spite of the overwealming condemation of their deliberate efforts to steal from our aged and valunerable vets these people are now daring to play the victim card.

Peace Movement Aotearoa co-ordinator Edwina Hughes said members of the white poppy campaign were verbally threatened. She refused to elaborate but said some red poppy collectors were asking to collect for the white poppy too.

She refused to elaborate… really, not actually having any evidence for that then I take it. Just like all those racists in the Tea Party who spit on black members of congress yet in this age of 4 out of 5 people being armed with cell phone cameras there hasn’t been one single image produced. Its almost like a pattern or something…

Yeah that would be it.

For those who came late to this party ANZAC Day is the one day (half day actually) when we remeber our fallen and what our freedoms in New Zealand and Australia has cost us. The Friday before ANZAC Day is the one day each year when our RSA (Returned Servicemans Association) gets a bit of a cash injection by selling poppies for donations. Most people buy one and you will usually see politicans and public figures wearing them as a matter of course. I don’t get a new a poppy each year as I’m still using one I wore a while back, but I usually make a donation when someone crosses my path with a tray of them. As for supporting returned servicemen I do that by phoning my father on a regular basis.

“Peace Movment Aotearoa” is a western civiliastion hating anti-soldier bunch or moralising left wing drop kicks who have decided that everyone in uniform is evil and they love “peace” and that everything wrong in the world can be fixed in a non-violent manner. Further they are the keepers of truth and light and they will teach us to be peaceful and non-violent and by Gaia they’ll fucking kick your ass if you don’t go along with them! Yes thats right they love peace so much that they will use any means to achieve it. These people are closley tied to three mean who attacked a satellite station belonging to the Goverment Communications Security Bureau causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage which the taxpayer will pick the tab up for. The horror of that incident was compunded by them defending themselves in court with the argument that they believed they were saving lives because the base was spying on innocent civilians in Afghanistan for the US so that the US Army could kill them! It all makes perfect sense… if you’re stoned out of your tree. By the why they were found not guilty on the basis of their defense.

Let us return now to the white poppies. Peace Movment Aotearoa has decided that the best day to sell their poopies is the Thursday before ANZAC Day. Thats right, the day before the RSA gets its fund raiser underway. They intend to trade on the memory of our war dead in order to raise money for their “peace scholarships” with an agenda of attacking our miklitary. They intend to do this at the expense of those very servicemen and women who in advanced age are most in need of support.

Consequently I can only view their actions as putting the lives of our elderly veterans in jepody and any action taked to prevent them doing so could well be seen as an efffort to save lives. And i mean this in a very real and legally binding sense. See what happens when you fuck with rules, they come back and bite you in the ass. In fact I’m not advocating doing anything of the kind. Its a bloody stupid defense and should enver have been accepted. This of course wont stop the peaceniks from slectively quoting and making wildly flailing accusations of all kinds, but watch closely while I give a fuck.

However if you happen to be on the streets of Wellingto today and one of those self validating arseholes trys to take your hard earned money from you I fully encourage you to exercise YUOR free speech. It wasn’t free to get it and it isn’t free to keep so value it. I for one will not be holding back.

Leftist propaganda hacks in full swing over John Stewart interview

January 15, 2010

John Stewart interviewed John Yoo (the author of the Bush admin torture memos) and according to Adam Sewer at Tapped, Stewart made Yoo “look entirely reasonable”. Lost on Sewer (the irony of that last name is delicious), is the fact that outside of his liberal martini party meetings, Mr. Yoo is entirely reasonable. In his attack on Stewart, Sewer proceeds to link to numerous left wing media sites as proof that John Yoo is evil and everything that Stewart did was wrong.

For example:

Stewart allowed Yoo to claim that Abu Zubayda was the “number 3 in al-Qaeda,” a claim which is factually untrue.

The word “untrue” has this link from the liberal Washington Post.

An al-Qaeda associate captured by the CIA and subjected to harsh interrogation techniques said his jailers later told him they had mistakenly thought he was the No. 3 man in the organization’s hierarchy and a partner of Osama bin Laden, according to newly released excerpts from a 2007 hearing.

“They told me, ‘Sorry, we discover that you are not Number 3, not a partner, not even a fighter,’ ” said Abu Zubaida, speaking in broken English, according to the new transcript of a Combatant Status Review Tribunal held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The authors are using a terrorist’s self serving quote as proof that the CIA was mistaken. In a court of law and public opinion, using the terrorist’s own statement of his innocence doesn’t pass the smell test.

Every other link Sewer provided is full of the same left wing trickeries. If they would bother to poke their heads out of the left wing echo chamber every now and then, perhaps reality might look a little more clear.

H/T A Conservative Shemale

Dear John

August 31, 2009

You have said that you will not repeal the most unpopular law in our nations history unless its shown that is not working as intended.

Ok, I dare you show us that it is working. Show me one child that has not been beaten and/or murdered because of this law. That was its intention, to protect children. Unless it had another intention that you haven’t told us about.

So show us John, show us this law does ANYTHING except criminalise parents for raising their children. I don;t give the slightest crap about you’re personally held convictions, its not your damn job to impose your personal convictions on us. You our bloody employee and we pay you to represent us, not dictate to us. If you feel that strongly at odds with nine out of ten of your employers, quit. Show us one single child that has been protected or quit, those are your options. Telling us what we think isn;t going to fly as we assumed you had learned from the last election. We didn’t vote for you, we fired Helen Clark for telling us what we think.

You’ve got two years left before we fire you.

Boycott time.

April 21, 2009

This is an Australian motel owner living in Palmerston North.

He has decided to ban EVERYONE from an entire suburb because to put it simply he is a preudiced dickhead. On his one visit to Wainui he claims he was “surounded by graffiti” and they’ve only had one person from Wainui that they liked. Wait while i give a crap how much you like your customers, its not actually their job to be “likeable” knob.

By all means if a sports groups plays up chuck them out, hell I’ll HELP you throw their bags out of the windows. I drove a school bus out of Wainui for long enough to know what actually happened there. However you booked a sports group, what did you think was going to happen? Looks a lot like a PR stunt to get attention in these tough economic times to me. I’ll just kick the wainuiomata people because Gary McCormick got a laugh when he did it.

Yeah well no. Along with the undoubted little arseholes you banned you also scooped up an MP, several well respected sportsmen and oh wait, the entire family of Karl Kuchenbecker. What the hell did they ever do to you? along with about 19,900 other people you’ve never met.  My personal experience with Wainuiomata is based on marrying a girl from there and living there for seven years. Its normal share of ratbags aside I found the people to be a lot more friendly than my native North Shore and I’d wave to more people in one day than I would in seven years around Takapuna.

So Steve Donnelly of the Supreme Motor Lodge 665 Pioneer Highway, Palmerston North, New Zealand 0800 11 22 11(gotta love a toll free number), it looks a lot to me like you’re a small minded biggot who took the oportunity to get sopme free publicity and now you have it. I urge everyone to not stay at Steves “Donnellys Towers” and to use one of our other fine establishments. I personally recoment the Rose City Motel for professional service and comfortable accomadation.

Steve, a thoughts for you, feel free to go to the airport and investigate the concept that the planes go both ways.

Come to New Zealand, bring your baggage!

January 15, 2009

Two Israeli women were refused service at an Invercargill cafe this week when the Muslim owner discovered where they were from.

Dear Mustafa Tekinkaya, I suspect you will find 1, Kiwis don’t really go in for this sort of openly racist crap (unless you’re Maori) and 2, Invergiggle ain’t really big enough for this sort of bullshit.

Don’t like it planes leave daily.

Keep your anti-Semitic bullshit in your own country, we have our own already with likes of minto and his small coellection of like minded delusion terrorist huggers, we’re not looking to import more.

Speaking as a westerner I am fankly sick to bloody death of seeing the fucking west bank being exported to our cites and streets. You couldn’t keep yourselves from killing women and kids in your own back yards now you think standing on a street in the western world screaming for Jews to back to ovens is going fly? Let me remind of two words “never again”.

We took down the last lot that tried what you want and they were a SHITLOAD more organised then you. Keep pushing.

Note to residents of Invercargill:

The Mevlana Cafe

37 Esk St, Invercargill

Owner Mustafa Tekinkaya.

03-214 1790

I urge you to both bycott the establishment and to let the owner know that his racism and descrimination are not how we do things in this country. Its ours, not his. If he wants to be a kiwi then he needs to change, not us. Be polite when you express yourselves please, no swastikas, no fire bombs, no threats. Speak up now when they come for someone else or there’ll be no one to speak when they come for you.

Wussle Fairbrother expelled from party!

September 10, 2008

Wussle (the name all the most full of crap lefties seem to have) Fairbrother has been expelled from the Crapweasel Party for “excessive and extreme crapweaseling” and “crapweaseling above and beyond the digestible limit’.

A spokesweasle for the Crapweasel Party said “Wussle has always been a crapweasel we could look up to with consistantly high crapweaseling, but yesterday he was just over the top. We take this step with regret but we really had no option but to let Wussle go. We wish him well in the future with his crapwaseling but theres really no place for him in the Crapweasel Party with his extreme and over the top crapweaselness. Its just too much.

It was Wussle attempts yesterday to try and protect Wintson Peters that finally brought him down;

Yesterday Labour MP Russell Fairbrother, a member of the committee, suggested Mr Glenn may have confused Winston Peters’ with his youngest brother Wayne in a vital phone call about the donation.

Wayne Peters laughed out loud when told of the suggestion.

As did we all.

Clear out your desk Wussle, no need to wait for November.