March 19, 2011

I do not know this person and I never permitted him to carry and/or use M16 or any other live rounds range produce or pyrotechnics sir.

More Harcourt Park photos.

March 7, 2011

Could be a clue that there was a grandmother with a camera involved here. Less catapults, more crew.

I quote Tommy Lee Jones: “This is my happy faaaace!”

I particularly enjoy the consternation on little boys faces when they get to the catapult and find their instructor is a 10 year old girl. One young man was so outraged he kept turning to his father and saying “its a girl!”. He stopped when I told him she came with the catapult and if he wanted to shoot it she was part of the deal.

My crew.. who for some reason seem to be proudly displaying their lack of commitment to period drinking untensils…. and some guy… possibly their grandfather. Not sure but he sat there all day critiquing me and saying something about having changed my nappies when I blamed all of my problems on poor genetic material.

Australian Radio interviews Bernie Shapiro of youtube fame.

March 3, 2011

A no BS evlaluation of the situation in the Christchurch suburbs from a former soldier who is using his WWII jeep to deliver supplies and carry out recces in places other people can’t get to.

On looters: “They do have a habbit of falling down stairs when they get caught.”

You can also see Bernie in action with much of what he is posting on facebook being picked up by the world media.

Facebook profile picture.

March 1, 2011

Use it, share it.

… as is the custom of our tribe.

February 23, 2011

The earthquke in Christchurch is clearly our worst since the Napier quake of 1931 when the town would have been entirely cut off from communication with the rest of the country if not for the presence of HMS Veronica. the crew was also able to give immediate assistance.

On this occasion a logisitics exercise had several hundred soldiers alongside in Lyttelton, Christchurchs port, and they were employed without delay to assist resuce efforts.

New Zealand has accepted help from Australia (whose SAR team seems to have been in the air before the ground stopped moving), Britain and the United States. Other offers have been made.

My cousin Fiona reports: There was a bloody big earthquake and it scared the shit out of me!” Why to give that $30,000 university education a work out Fi.

My former lead scout and all round odd chap, Bernie Shapiro has a couple of which demonstrate something of the kiwi character. For those that can access them he was filming the damage to his home when an aftershock hit. (There is some bad language but if you’re at this site thats not really new now is it.) And his more long term reaction was to set up a tea station and barbie for the neighbours, some of whom were obviously shaken on several levels.

Thats how we roll in the Shire.

UPDATE: Accomadation is being offered for those that need  it.

For Tauraunga the contact is Simon Bridges: simon.bridges@parliament.govt.nz

For Taupo/Cambridge/Tokoroa the contact is Louise Upston at her office on 07 3765563 or upston.taupo@parliament.govt.nz

Up to 1000 people – mainly foreign tourists – are likely to be flown into Wgtn by the RNZAF If people in the Wgtn are interested in providing a temporary roof over the heads of these people then please ring 04 801 4205 or email CD.Welfare@wcc.govt.nz with details.

Harcourt Park preparation continues

February 4, 2011

Vespasian has had new washers the correct size fitted. For those interested Vespasian is a 2 mina calibre (0.9kg) which was one of the stock standard artillery pieces of the Roman legions. You can see the comparative small size of the stones in the picture.

If you’re wondering what possible use that would be at Gamla during the Jewish revolt in 68AD Vespasian attempted an assult with a ramp and failed to take the town. He then breeched the wall with the 2 and 4 mina calibre ballistae of the 10th Legion. We know that by the several hundred stones found there of that size the damn near laser perfect breech in the wall.

That means that these small stones did not use mass to break stuff, they used kinetic energy. They were going really freaken fast k. The 2 mina ballista, the 105 howitzer of the ancient world. See it an a few others at Harcourt Park 19th 20th Feb. There’s guys and girls on horses as well doing something with sticks… whatever.

Jewellery update.

January 21, 2011

A variety of earings and a braclet to match the previous necklace.

Well thats enough of that for a bit, I’m using the long weekend (Wellington Aniversary) to take a swing at finishing off some of the catapults. So tomorrow its trigger blocks, winches and rear stands.

Where’s Wally New Zealand style.

August 24, 2010

Where is Richard George Apperley?

Why would you want to know? Possibly because he raped and sodomised a 15 year old girl and the Sensible Sentencing Trust currently have him listed as:”Current Location:unknown “. And hes evidently been kicking about free in the community for four years.

I do not accept that he is a victim because he was sexually abused, having something bad done to you does not make it more acceptable to do it to someone else, if anything it should make you more aware of the impact. It displays the lack of empathy that the psyc who handled the Nurenberg accused described as the essence of evil. I’ve been burgled five times and lost thousands of dollars worth of property, does that mean I can go burgle other people and expect to get treated as the real victim?

To me the single most important priority of a responsible society is the protection of little girls. Everything else comes second to that. If we can’t do that or are deliberately unwilling to do it we have failed. Its my simplistic way of expressing a forgotten concept known as “principles”.

Richard George Apperley is an example of what is wrong with this country. We make the dangerous threatening elements “victims” and put their rights above those of those are actually at risk. Those we describe as “at risk” are invariably the actual threat.

A braincell a day keeps the witch docter away.

August 13, 2010

The coroners advice if you think a family member is possesed:

But what can be stated is that tohunga or kaumatua should be consulted by whanau where makutu is suspected so that the whanau receive the correct expert advice as to how to deal with a situation, as such advice will be tempered by ensuring what is to be carried out by such exorcism remains within the laws of New Zealand as set down by Parliament,” he said.

Murrays advice if you think a family member is possesed:

Lay off the dak, stop fucking drinking from 10 am when you wake up, grow a brain, get a job and get your stupid asses out of the dark ages and join us the god dammned 21st century.

“Culteral sensitivity” is a bullshit excuse to be the floatsom of civilisation and I don’t get a day off for Beltane or special consideration for leprechauns holding up traffic so screw you. Its not an amature exorcism, its fucking murder.

Murray Languge Week:

July 29, 2010

Pogue mahone!