Road trip – Kiwi style!

August 7, 2012

Ok so I WAS planning a trip tomorrow, but here in the Shire ocasionally something goes wrong. Flat tyre, sudden petrol price hike, dragons (which in these parts is more often than you’d think) and of course one of the fun parts of living in one of the more active parts of theRing of Fire (not a Johnny Cash song).

The earthquakes of last couple of weeks have borne fruit and Tonagriro has gotten all like “yeah dude I’m gonna fuck you up… and your little car too!” Civil Defence issued a threat warnings to Waikato, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, Manawatu-Whanganui (hey I LIVE there!), Bay of Plenty (damn I was going there) and Taranaki.

We’re due to be on the road this time tomorrow, but I’m just going to review that over the next 24 hours I think. Sleep in or play dodge the molten flying rock… such a line call.

Oh yeah the water is off too. Wonder if thats related to explody mountain stuff. If a bunch of dwarves show up for dinner and invite me on an adeventure tell them to piss off.


Brothers: spot the difference.

August 10, 2011

One was a soldier for over a decade, the other a journalist. One was once descrided as a cantankerous old bugger… at the age of 15 by a 63 year old rowing coach. One wasa member of a left wing peace group called Peace Now. Both know the consequences of deploying the army to deal with rioters, yet arrive at different conclusions.

Can you spot which is which?


March 19, 2011

I do not know this person and I never permitted him to carry and/or use M16 or any other live rounds range produce or pyrotechnics sir.

Bob Parker has done a good job…

March 7, 2011

but not a perfect one. Watch this video right to the end.

Bottom line is that this man was the first person these people have seen since the earthquake. He is not an offical, is not a foriegn relief worker, is not a memmber of any voluntary organisation. He is a private citizen who started helping his negibours after the earthquake and went on to use his WWII jeep to start helping out being able to get places other vehicles couldn’t.

He is now operating on donations to keep operating and do things that in honesty should be getting done by other people. Bob Parker and his officals are NOT unaware of that some areas have been neglected but they do not seem to have actually done anything about other than say they’re on top of it.

I think its time someone but Bob to the question. Either he does not have the resources to get the job done and should say so, or those resources are being unevenly delivered. Either way the situation must change or his body will go up. Anyone who has studied things like this will tell you that the first die in times of shortage are the very young. They have neither the physical or mental resilience to survive. I don’t belief for a second that anyone is indiferent to their plight, but I think they are not being given the minimum of attention they deserve.

Time for retoric is well past. Either get some support out to those who have been neglected or offically fund Bernie and the other people like him who are doing your job for you.

UPDATE: If you want to make a donation directly to Bernie so that you know where your money is going then you can make a deposit to his account – BNZ 02-0874-0003739-001

He will pass it on directly to those that need as well as keep his own vehicle operating delivering supplies to those that need and whose pin has fallen out of the offical map.

Australian Radio interviews Bernie Shapiro of youtube fame.

March 3, 2011

A no BS evlaluation of the situation in the Christchurch suburbs from a former soldier who is using his WWII jeep to deliver supplies and carry out recces in places other people can’t get to.

On looters: “They do have a habbit of falling down stairs when they get caught.”

You can also see Bernie in action with much of what he is posting on facebook being picked up by the world media.

Was it something we said?

September 16, 2010

Ok Christchurch is still shaking, the river here stiall hasn’t dropped with massive losses in lambs and we had a the ambulance heading to an accident where a van was blown over by winds get blown over by winds in the Wairarapa.

Is there any particular reason someone decided now was the perfect time to hit us with the perfect mofo storm as well?

That image is oldish now and the storm has been described as being the size of Australia… wait there’s your problem. That rock off the west coast is inhabited entirely by criminals as everyone knows. The bastards will claim anything out of New Zealand and all we get in return is second hand smoke from their bloody forest fires and their crap weather.