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February 23, 2009

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. is against this unjust law - help us

The legacy of anti-deomocratic labour is with us still.

And so it begins.

November 10, 2008

Clark faces law suit over DHB lab tests remarks
Use your own money this thanks.

New Zealand Election results fresh off the satallite!

November 9, 2008


According to Google Earth… it looks like… Clark is OUT. And oh look, theres a cafe where we can celebrate just down the road!

And for those of you squealing “new world order” and “the world is voting left”. You can stfu now thank you. Looking at you David Rhodes.

And now we all do the the hypocrisy dance.

November 9, 2008

We’re all being very impressed with the dignity and generosity of the concession speechs of Helen Clark and Winston Peters. We’re paying tribute to their long and illustrious careers in parliament and generally kissing ass because we feel good.

Cept me that is. The legacy of Clark and Peters is that our politcal systems has been dragged down to the lowest possible levels of coruption and dishonesty where he who is the rudest and shousts loudest is regarded as a “skillful debater”. The shameless efforts of Helen Clark to protect Winston Peters – you know the guy who got cenured by parliament, not even McCarthy was actually censured, were the finalo straw for the people of New Zealand and they spoke loud and clear.

I am glad you are gone, you deserve to be gone and I have nothing positive to say about either of you. You did serious damge to our deomcratic system and attempted to subvert it in your lust for power. Far from paying tribute to either of you I call for retiribution and demand the accountabilty that is our right.

Helen Clarks government put our country into a recession 8 months before the global credit crissis. The only reason we were not in a recession eariler was the massive government spending financed by taxpayers.

We are hurting already and we are going to hurt a lot more before it gets better, This is your legacy and you should be held to account for it. I don’t expect that to happen but having you gone is a good start. the only good thing you’ve done for this country is give us the Christmas present of your resignation.

You will not be missed.

You true legacy is the phrase “as bad as Muldoon, not has bad as Clark.

With regard to the EFA restrictions on my free speech…

November 8, 2008


New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

2 Democratic and Civil
You have the right to
• freedom of expression
• freedom of peaceful assembly
• freedom of association
• freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief

Labur campaign funded by the taxpayer – AGAIN

November 7, 2008

This little document has been sent out out “Graham and Joyce”.


Arriving in mail boxes on the Thursday before and election and on Labour letterhead with this dinky little parliamentry crest which tells us that WE paid for it. The letter claims that “Graham and Joyce” have prepared a kit of information for the over sixties because they have contributed so much to New Zealand. This is an absolute truth. But interestingly for the last nine years you didn’t give the slightest crap about the likes of my father Graham and Joyce. You party didn’t even bother to let him know about his medal entitlement. Your party couldn;t even be arsed getting the veterans pins out to the thousdands of men and women who have served in the numerous conflicts, by far and away the conflicts that the Labour party has chosen to invlove us in. Hell he even had to PAY for a couple of them himself.

Yet 48 hours before an election you suddenly care so much that you have “prepared and information kit” and used their money to tell them about it.

So a couple of questions. Who are Graham and Joyce who chose to include no authorisation statement. What is their conection to Ian Lees-Galloway and his campaign in Palmerston North and most importantly, and I sugest you take this question VERY seriously, can you offer any single compelling reason why I should not proceed with a formal complaint regarding this missue of tax payers money?

The clock is ticking.

Something to keep in mind when you vote.

November 3, 2008

Socialists are people who mistake nice ideas for good ones.

Thought for the day.

October 30, 2008

The most offensive thing a labour party supporter can say is “labour made this country what it is today”.

The most offensive response is to agree with them.


October 23, 2008

Winston Peters STILL a fuckwit!

Winston Peters’ apparent distaste for Asian immigration does not extend to Singaporean jockeys, who he says are usefully “born light”.

The NZ First leader believes that immigrants can be used to solve New Zealand’s jockey shortage.

He has even agreed to help Vickneswaran “Victor” Marigapan’s fight to stay in the country.

Mr Peters said Singaporean jockeys would not be part of his proposed cuts to immigration numbers because they filled a “known, proven niche”.

Nothing at all like what Lockwood Smith said is it media people?

Mr Peters subsequently criticised National Party immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith for his “extraordinary” comments that Asian seasonal workers were more productive at pruning because of their smaller hands.

Mr Peters said talking about Asian jockeys being “born light” was not the same.

No didn’t think so.

You know you MSM people might be easier to understand if you GOT HELENS DICK OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS!


October 23, 2008