Proud Meatsexual!

August 3, 2007

Join us and there will be meat!

For all.

I really can’t this taking off at all. You new age pysdo-interlectual plastic hippies will be happy with your veges, carrots, pickles, whatever.  For the rest of us, its ALL about the meat.

The difference is, we don’t go around posturing that we’re better than everyone who doesn’t hold with our way of doing things. Till now.


July 20, 2007

And no parking problems.

Points off for incorrect use of “bugger all” though.I’ll tech em yanks to spik propa england yet.

It does however beg the question can your site muster a qualified tank crew if needed? Could be handy for that holiday in Fiji.

And joining the WMD Fling are…

March 29, 2007

these two fine machines all the way from Legio II AVG in Auckland…



We are also sorting out the details of having a period archery competition as well. I have no idea what that entails which is why I passed it to someone who does.

It’s called delegation.

And this post now has a new category just for Bloodspite along with the following message: HA HA!

In other news the addition of child sized stocks now allows us to offer a genuine “Medieval period creche”.

You kids will be right where you left them when you come back. Gold coin donation.

Section 59 THAT you bastards!