Isn’t there like some kind of special word…

July 29, 2010

for serving military personal who give aid and comfort (including intel) to the enemy.

Oh yeah thats right, TREASON.

Even the other people in the hole are going to be looking down on you. Enjoy you’re fame while it lasts, you’ve got about 14 minutes left before it, and you disappear forever.

If you ever get I’m sure you can get a job with the deomcratic party. they like shit like you and will even try to pass you off as a war hero. To the rest of us, you’re just human excrement.

People of Norway your attention please.

March 27, 2010

Watch the following video.

Do you know the people in this video? If so please drop me a line with their details. A few of us would like to have a little chat with them. In fact I challenge them to be interviewed for Shire Network News to offer an explanation as to why they thought roaming the New Zealand country side blowing away anything that moved without any form of licence would be a particularly clever wheeze.

In particular we would like to discuss why they felt it good sport to blow the fuck out of a protected endangered bird sitting on a branch 15 feet from them. The penalty for this a $100,000 fine by the way as well as 6 months in jail.

Further their thoughts on how they feel about having many Norwegian tourists an endangered species in this country because they are not flavour of the month I can assure you. I realise that you think New Zealand is a small and irrelevant country, and largely you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However I recommend you a few other European nations as to what happen when you piss us off. Particularly Germany and Italy because we fucked a few of them relay good. The French who thought they could blow up a ship in one of our harbours found out our police are little more efficient than they estimated. Even if our fat socialist PM had the spine of a jellyfish. You could go chat to the former members of the Malaysian Communist groups if you can find any. Try the VC of D445 who acquired a very strong dislike for tangling with ANZACs. You could go and chat with the Arabs of a little village in Egypt who liked to rob the graves of kiwi soldiers… cept I suspect they don’t have many descendants. There’s more than a couple members of the Taliban who could give you some stories too.

Bottom line is we can get VERY pissy when the mood takes. The mood has taken us. Everyone from gang members to actual hunters are now looking sideways at anyone with an accent they can’t positively identify as being not Norwegian.

Unfortunately this incident is in fact the limit of most New Zealanders knowledge of Norway and the Norwegian people. If you are Norwegian and are not comfortable then by all means do what you can to give these guys up and have them face the consequences of their actions. Till then I’m afraid you probably shouldn’t come any further south than Tasmania.

I’d be a bet careful about letting any of us into your country either because we’ve been known to be hard on the furniture when we decide to party hard.

A list of names, addresses, phone numbers, employers details and registrations number is all we ask.

UPDATE: This brains trust of cowboy gunmen is now on the run in their Native Norway.

But Norway’s environmental prosecutor can also lay charges there for hunting protected wildlife – charges that carry up to six years in prison.

β€œHe has said it’s 100 percent unacceptable and the Norwegians are acting like they’re on a vacation or holiday cruise or something and he has been very negative towards it,” Mr Kleivan says.

One of the men, who wouldn’t give his name, told a Norwegian newspaper they had done nothing wrong.

“It’s true that we had five men on a hunting and fishing trip for a few weeks before Christmas in New Zealand, but this commotion, I feel nothing, we have not done anything illegal,” he said.

Well actually we don’t really give a crap about your rich boy sense of entitlement. You have broken the law, you’ve also endangered human life with your poor weapons handling “skills”, so suck it up and turn yourselves in. Yes they are not only want to claim they’ve done nothing wrong but they are tryi9ng to evade taking the oportunity to explain themselve. Evidently not as confident of their innocence as they claim. They’ve pulled their vids – too late, been seen and copied – they’ve pulled their facebook pages and they’ve suddenly gotten very shy about giving their names.

Give it some thought braincells, you all flew together didn’t you. A database first name match up means that the cops in your own country already know who you are and when you live. So manup tough guys and walk into the local sherriffs office and hope he’ll stand between you and the lynch mob.

Note to the people of Noway: Don’t appologise for being Norwegian or for what these guys did, simply hold them accountable. I believe in individual responsibilty, not collective guilt.

Not so much fun being the hunted is it.

Initiate Plan Danegeld!

January 29, 2010

Because its always worked so well before.

In fact the results have consistantly shown that when you pay your enemy conditions improve.

For them.

Way to fund terrorism you fuckwits.

Geographic Board tells kiwis to go screw their democracy.

September 17, 2009

It seems to be a trend in this country that we let ourselves get led around by the dicks so that the minority can dictate to the majority. Shits whats 77% anyway? They’re only white folks so fuck em.

Trevor Mallard – fuckpig liar.

June 14, 2009

DPF in the interests of interparty blogger co-operation is there any chance that you could refrain from linking to Red Alert and thereby at least keep the intellectual giants here where they are apparently welcome.

You do that and I promise not to post about you on the Cactus Whale sites.

You can read it all for yourselves here and here. Oooo look at that I linked to Trevors hand job blog and he doesn’t like having his bullshit brought to the attention of non-party sanctioned readers. Guess I’m just not that into “interparty blogger co-operation”. Suck it up punchy. You’re in our world now.

(Note to readers: you don’t get demerits for calling Mallard a fuckpig here. We support truth in advertising)