The Trojan Killing Zone

January 20, 2013

Go ahead and get your copy today. It went in without a final edit on half of it so there are spelling and grammar issues but I’m too busy to fix it.  I eneded up with enough marks to get entry to the PhD program so who cares.

The Trojan Killing Zone cover

According to Massey University its “A look at the defences and battle strategy of the Trojans through the eye of a soldier. Provides an evaluation of Troy’s ditches as a defensive system within the context of warfare as practiced by contemporary participants.” Maybe I should go there and Belich it up… going to need a camera, a sports jacket and an untidy haircut…

Anyway according to me it was 1/2 of what I did in 2011 so feel free to make a contribution: 22AD Research Fund

If the trebuchet plan* is anything to go by I stand to make maybe $6.50 out of this.

*Still No 1 on google search for “free trebuchet plan” and one person in every 1,000 will donate a dollar.

Ballista refurbishment – day 2

August 17, 2012

Well the first job  in installing a new slide was to remove the old dovetail from the existing tray. This meant making the sides vertical and for this I made a tool. The Drill Driven Gutter Sander, or Duggie as I call him.

It worked very well and with some assistance from the chisel for the area inside the torsion fame I have a good clean gutter ifiarly short order. As always more time is spent setting up the work than the actual work. I would has dismounted the tray from the torsion from but those threaded rods are going nowhere. The damp from storage has locked them up tight so I saw no reason to mess with them and wrecl the holes getting them out.

The new square silde is made up of several parts and this is the key one in that it is the primary guide for the entire slide. In spite of using improvised tools its runs sung and smooth. Note: Cover with beeswax for lubrication and moisture resistance.

Also made yesterday was the front stand to replace the one that is currently hiding at the back of a pile of tent frames. On the up side its nice and pretty for showing off. Mmm pretty.

Today I’m finishing off the stand because its easier to work on the tray and slide with the ballista mounted. I’ll also be cleaning and painting the washers while dreaming of some brass shims that will not come to pass on my budget.

Free Roman legionary tent pattern.

August 16, 2012

Here you go a pattern and instructions for making your own Roman tent just like these ones.

Quick and easy Roman Legionary tent

No charge, feel free to share. By the way there’s also nothing stopping you from throwing five bucks ithe direction of the research fund if you happen too use the pattern and save yourself a couple of hundred dollars long the way.

You’re welcome.

Broken ballista is broken…

August 2, 2012

This is my heavy ballista model from the evolution collection. Its suffered some parts loss and inexpert modifications in the three years its been in someone elses care. It would easily be one of my favorites of the collection and it will be the first to be restored.

My quick estimation from going over the models is that I’m looking at about a year to get all the restoration completed. Once that is done I’ll have an exhibition worth of models… in my garage.

Maybe I should turn the garage into a catapult museum…

New aquisition for Murrays Museum.

August 1, 2012

A very nice fibula from around 100AD, found in Germany. It’s actually in much better condition that it appears.

Soon to be reproduced as functional living history item.

Looking for a sponsor.

August 1, 2012

Having worked out recently that all my sponsors are ex-military types who live in places above the equator and that these people more frequent my blog than my FB this is actually a good place to throw out the lines and see who bites.

Next year I plan to start a PhD study examining the impact of torsion artillery on anicent warfare. This is probably going to include at least one project trip to the US. It will also involve building some catapults and undertaking comparative testing. That is not cheap. It is certainly doable though and for those on FB you’ll be aware of my fund raising effort for the first item.

So I am looking for a sponsor/sponsors and if you are interested or know someone who is then drop me a line and I’ll forward you some info about what I’ve done, what I’m going to do and what I can offer of value to a sponsor.

The First Taranaki War.

July 30, 2012

For those that don’t know I’m writing a thesis entitled “The First Taranakl War: A Divergent History”. Which examines the hisotriography and popular perceptions of the First Taranaki war, in particular why one version has become so well established in popular culture while the other traditional version has been largely marginalised.

I’ll be taking a trip over to New Plymouth in a few weeks to walk the ground and if any there has anything they want to share on the subject I’d like to know about it.

Please note: First Taranaki War 1860-61. Must stay focused at this stage of ones masters thesis.

New Zealander builds worlds largest working ballista.

July 22, 2012

Yes thats right I’m going to keep banging on about it.

We’re at $490 of the target $1,000 and I’m going to be repetative and boring till we get there. So click on the paper, check out the funding campaign and share it about. If you have $20 to spare it will get you a nice replica Augustus/Agrippa coin (see below). Last I checked people were charging more than that just for the coin.

Go on, you know you want to!

RNZN 70 years old

September 29, 2011

The Royal New Zealand Navy is turning 70 this weekend. Prior to becoming a seperate service it was the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy. Glyn Harper takes every oportunity to tell me that this makes the army the senior service in New Zealand and I take this as an oportunity to point out witt out a navy New Zealand would freaken exist and managed to get him back by having him say something nice about the navy while autographing a book for my father.

Such is itnter-service rivalry.

Either way its the navy’s weekend and my father will be dusting off his medals and attending a number of the activities. Soemhow we’ve managed to get eleven ships together which will make Wellington harbour fairly crowded and a new Queens colour will be presented with the old one laid up. In fact father was present when the first one was presented many moons ago.

Sunday 9th October:

1000 – Anniversary Church Service incorporating laying up of the old Queens Colour in the Naval Chapel of St Christopher’s, Devonport Naval Base.

A full program is here. Why not drop by and hum a few bars of Elgar. The navy is a part of our culture and heritage, your heritage in fact, so show some damned pride and respect in it and don’t make me slap your ears.

Carry on.


August 23, 2011

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