Animator wanted.

March 14, 2011

I am working on a research project that has a visual component in its presentation. I’m looking for a terrain animation with some arrows moving about the place. Unless you have to be really flash and have models of little people doing things like driving chariots.

There’s a giveaway, it is an ancient military history project. I do have a budget for the project that is so modest and vitually a recluse, so if you’re up for long hours, bugger all pay and no recognition then please for a queue in the comments….

Harcourt Park preparation continues

February 4, 2011

Vespasian has had new washers the correct size fitted. For those interested Vespasian is a 2 mina calibre (0.9kg) which was one of the stock standard artillery pieces of the Roman legions. You can see the comparative small size of the stones in the picture.

If you’re wondering what possible use that would be at Gamla during the Jewish revolt in 68AD Vespasian attempted an assult with a ramp and failed to take the town. He then breeched the wall with the 2 and 4 mina calibre ballistae of the 10th Legion. We know that by the several hundred stones found there of that size the damn near laser perfect breech in the wall.

That means that these small stones did not use mass to break stuff, they used kinetic energy. They were going really freaken fast k. The 2 mina ballista, the 105 howitzer of the ancient world. See it an a few others at Harcourt Park 19th 20th Feb. There’s guys and girls on horses as well doing something with sticks… whatever.

Jewellery update.

January 21, 2011

A variety of earings and a braclet to match the previous necklace.

Well thats enough of that for a bit, I’m using the long weekend (Wellington Aniversary) to take a swing at finishing off some of the catapults. So tomorrow its trigger blocks, winches and rear stands.

The refurbishment continues…

January 5, 2011

Scipio Secundus. Built fromtm the remains of Scipio and incorporating a new stand design that I’m making standard for all my ballistae. Its lighter, more stable and packs flat for tansportation.

It wont be rigged untill I get a sudden influx of cash in a months time when there will be a sudden sustained burst of spending and working.

The rear stand is a temp, I’m actually going to a Y shaped rear brace that operates independantly from the stand. We’ve found this system to be exceedingly stable for use in the SF role.

And if you think the slider looks funny that becayse I’ve rigged it for glandes. Being a stone thrower now there is no need for a full slide that only create friction.

Chucky the old warhorse has been given new washers ~ MORE POWER!!!! ~ well a little anyway.

Also new winch handles and a cleanded up winch.

And nice new ropes for the crash bars.

And I’ve started on the costumes. We’re going all classical and none of that weird medieval stuff for us. Medievalists are odd people who wait for the hottest part of the year to wear as many thick and heavy clothes as possible, clad themselves in metal and then rush about hitting eachother. Classisists lend dignity (and fire support) to what would other wise be a hot sweaty brawl wilst wearing light and comfortable clothing that evolved in hot climates. Seems like nothing more than good sense to me.

In the coming weeks I’ll be continuing work on Marius and Vespasian, my two larger ballistae. I’ll also be trying to scrape up the money to get a screen so i can print the numerous items of clothing for the girls like the hem pattern above because stipple brushing the thing takes too long and isn’t as tidy and screen printing.

Cause and Effect Day – it wouldn’t hurt to remember this day MORE than “Hiroshima Day”.

December 8, 2010

Its not a trick, it really is this simple.

My GPA and I would like to thank the following people….

November 10, 2010

Thanks for playing. Mmmmmmm bell curvy goodness.

Longshore Soldiers: Life in a World War II Port Battalion

October 14, 2010

Below the fold is the company roster for the 284th Port Company of the 517th Port Battalion from 1944-45. If you are one of these people or a relative of theirs then Andrew Brozyna would like to hear from you. Andrew has written the book shown below which relates to his grandfathers war service and will no doubt be of interest to many.

The book is available from Amazon by clicking on the image above. you can contact Andrew directly a.brozyna-AT-gmail-DOT-com or at his blog.

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I like those easy to answer assignment questions.

September 23, 2010

148.333 The Napoleonic Wars
Assignment 2

Why was Napoleon unable to win the war at sea?
1,500 words

This can be answered with two words, “Royal Navy”. I recognise that this may not be regarded a fulsome answer and if pushed to expand on it I might preface it with “The”.

For the Few

September 16, 2010

Not everyone had what it took to be a brylcreem boy. Hampered as they are by speaking English only. Its all terribly silly.

I want one!

September 8, 2010

Who wants to help me build one? I’ll bring the spade!