A Zillion reasons to go shopping

July 20, 2007

The trade site Zillion is having a birthday celebration by having a $2 reserve auction.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve found Zillion to be a vastly superior system to Trademe and its telling that even though Trademe has a hugely dominant position Zillion has flourished. Not to mention that Tradme has introduced aspects of Zillions system but Zillion hasn’t touched any of Trademes.

So support some competition and go shopping. Yes even overseas buyers can shop. I’ve put up a couple of Gnome Homes but no I’m not giving away the catapult kitsets thanks. The mark up on those is way too small and they sell well enough already.

The birthday sale is here or you can go directly to my items with the buttons on the right.

Meaningless Milestone: Unique visitor #10,000

November 24, 2006

Well number 10,000 since the counter went in anyway.

Lets see if we can ID who the 10,000th unique visitor is who got lost and ended up here instead of what they were actually looking for shall we.

Sorry Senate Sgt at Arms, you’re only 9,890.  Should you be surfing at work by the way?