Looking for a sponsor.

August 1, 2012

Having worked out recently that all my sponsors are ex-military types who live in places above the equator and that these people more frequent my blog than my FB this is actually a good place to throw out the lines and see who bites.

Next year I plan to start a PhD study examining the impact of torsion artillery on anicent warfare. This is probably going to include at least one project trip to the US. It will also involve building some catapults and undertaking comparative testing. That is not cheap. It is certainly doable though and for those on FB you’ll be aware of my fund raising effort for the first item.

So I am looking for a sponsor/sponsors and if you are interested or know someone who is then drop me a line and I’ll forward you some info about what I’ve done, what I’m going to do and what I can offer of value to a sponsor.

The First Taranaki War.

July 30, 2012

For those that don’t know I’m writing a thesis entitled “The First Taranakl War: A Divergent History”. Which examines the hisotriography and popular perceptions of the First Taranaki war, in particular why one version has become so well established in popular culture while the other traditional version has been largely marginalised.

I’ll be taking a trip over to New Plymouth in a few weeks to walk the ground and if any there has anything they want to share on the subject I’d like to know about it.

Please note: First Taranaki War 1860-61. Must stay focused at this stage of ones masters thesis.

Not dead, just sleeping.

July 19, 2012

Yes its a new post, I’ve been absent for over a year doing other stuff.

So to sumarise:
Completed by honours degree,
started my Masters thesis,
got married,
having a baby in October,
starting PhD in Febuary 2013. Such is the plan anyway.

Further to that item my thesis is related to the impact of torsion artillery on ancient warfare. There is a strong focus on practical testing and there will be large catapults built and operated in field condtions. The largest of these will be Agrippa, a 4 mina ballista. (Thats fancy Latin talk for it throws 3.25kg stones.)

Disturbingly a couple of New Zeland based businesses have offered the primary ingredients of metal and wood to build this machine, so now I’m just looking to raise the funds to be able to move things from where they to where they’re needed. Below is a link to the fund raising site for Project Agrippa. Please go there, be amazed (that they let me write stuff without getting it spell checked), throw $20 at it (for which you’ll get a replica Augustus/Agrippa coin) and tell everyone you ever met, hell walk up to complete strangers on the street and tell them! Because its the sharing that gets these things funded.

More updates later when I remember that not everyone is my friend of Facebook.

Graduation present…

March 9, 2011

for me!

Feel free anyone… anyone at all…

The detailed evaluation of the artifact known as the Xanten Catapult because its a catapult and Xanten is where it was found. Makes sense really doesn’t it.  From Amazon for a meer $89USD. I’ll never be able to afford but I am making replicas of it working entirely from preliminary dimensions and some photos. The actual book with lots of helpful drawings wouldn’t go amise.

What you mean I could have had a second pick as well????

December 3, 2010


I’ve had a social life (some of it required medical attention but thats another story). Sleep I’ve never been good at. But I’ll take my A- GPA and my A average on military history papers thanks. I bloody well earned them.

Right into my honours study.

My GPA and I would like to thank the following people….

November 10, 2010

Thanks for playing. Mmmmmmm bell curvy goodness.

Time to bid on the next NZ Army contract I think.

August 19, 2010

And they’re carbon neutral!

From the lecture: Catapults in the Imperial Roman Army.

Feather me!

June 10, 2010

Goose feathers! My kingdom for some goose feathers people.(Its a really small kingdom and the maind hasn’t been in for a while) Inside NZ only, MAF wet themselves when anything biological tries to get throught he border.

I need them for flights for the riflepult ammo.

I also a handful of Roman triangular arrowheads that all weigh the same, buts thats a specialist mission.

In other news, if you happen to live in Palmerston North and have a workshop space I could borrow we should talk.

Its for a school project!

You can’t please some people.

May 5, 2009

Had my father dripping on me the other night at his birthday dinner. Now that I’m at university it means hes the only one whos not going to have letters after his name.

I pointed out that he did actually drop out of school at fifteen. This was true he acknowldged. He didn’t even attempt to sit his school cert exams. This too was true he concceded. He was in one room signing up to be a naval rating while his mother was in the next one negotiating for him to be an officer. He conceeded the validity of this point also. You were the one telling a class of kids who wanted to know why you knew so much that it was because you were not hampered by the advantages of a tertiery education.

“And you’ve got bloody MBE after your name!!!”

“I supose.”

See what happens when you drop out of school and never seek to “improve yourself”. I wonder if I’ve actually inherited something that makes me not actually be in the leeast bit impressed with academic achievement but still keep pissing all over the so called competition anyway. I could get the entire alphabet after my name but I’ll still be less impressed with that “achievement” than having been an infantry platoon sergent.

I’m sorry, your comment is incorrect.

December 9, 2008

Winston Spencer Churchill is NEVER “irrelevant”, particularly when he disagrees with you.

Even if you are the tutor.

I know a certain Australian journo who is less than impressed by being labeld an “unreliable expert” too. Muttered darkly something about 1st class honors masters not being worth what they used to be or something.

I shall continue to annoyingly both use Churchill and to pass my exams.

Because I can.