Here you go, some stalker fodder.

September 7, 2012

Part 1 of a two part interview in Middle Ages Today.

Broken ballista is broken…

August 2, 2012

This is my heavy ballista model from the evolution collection. Its suffered some parts loss and inexpert modifications in the three years its been in someone elses care. It would easily be one of my favorites of the collection and it will be the first to be restored.

My quick estimation from going over the models is that I’m looking at about a year to get all the restoration completed. Once that is done I’ll have an exhibition worth of models… in my garage.

Maybe I should turn the garage into a catapult museum…

Looking for a sponsor.

August 1, 2012

Having worked out recently that all my sponsors are ex-military types who live in places above the equator and that these people more frequent my blog than my FB this is actually a good place to throw out the lines and see who bites.

Next year I plan to start a PhD study examining the impact of torsion artillery on anicent warfare. This is probably going to include at least one project trip to the US. It will also involve building some catapults and undertaking comparative testing. That is not cheap. It is certainly doable though and for those on FB you’ll be aware of my fund raising effort for the first item.

So I am looking for a sponsor/sponsors and if you are interested or know someone who is then drop me a line and I’ll forward you some info about what I’ve done, what I’m going to do and what I can offer of value to a sponsor.

New Zealander builds worlds largest working ballista.

July 22, 2012

Yes thats right I’m going to keep banging on about it.

We’re at $490 of the target $1,000 and I’m going to be repetative and boring till we get there. So click on the paper, check out the funding campaign and share it about. If you have $20 to spare it will get you a nice replica Augustus/Agrippa coin (see below). Last I checked people were charging more than that just for the coin.

Go on, you know you want to!

New promo image

July 21, 2012

This is the updated front image for the Project Agrippa fund raising effort. Feel fee to the share the think, we’re half way there after just a fw days but all the linking has dropped off the page now.

Not dead, just sleeping.

July 19, 2012

Yes its a new post, I’ve been absent for over a year doing other stuff.

So to sumarise:
Completed by honours degree,
started my Masters thesis,
got married,
having a baby in October,
starting PhD in Febuary 2013. Such is the plan anyway.

Further to that item my thesis is related to the impact of torsion artillery on ancient warfare. There is a strong focus on practical testing and there will be large catapults built and operated in field condtions. The largest of these will be Agrippa, a 4 mina ballista. (Thats fancy Latin talk for it throws 3.25kg stones.)

Disturbingly a couple of New Zeland based businesses have offered the primary ingredients of metal and wood to build this machine, so now I’m just looking to raise the funds to be able to move things from where they to where they’re needed. Below is a link to the fund raising site for Project Agrippa. Please go there, be amazed (that they let me write stuff without getting it spell checked), throw $20 at it (for which you’ll get a replica Augustus/Agrippa coin) and tell everyone you ever met, hell walk up to complete strangers on the street and tell them! Because its the sharing that gets these things funded.

More updates later when I remember that not everyone is my friend of Facebook.

Meet Spvdicvs

August 22, 2011

Spudicvs is a small onager built from my plans by Seth Bradley in the US. He completed Spudicvs pretty much the same way I completed Chucky, about 3 minutes before shooting in public.

Word is Spudicvs performed well.

The event was a small spud throwing thing.

Small thing about safety… we don’t work from behind the throwing arm. Really should get around to completing the plans instructions I guess.

Or over the top of the throwing arm, not such a big deal with a small machine but I don like to avoid trips to the ER.

The guy walking around in front of the firing line… not my problem, talk the to the range controller.

This is the prove of concept model built by an unamed navy type in deepest Dannevirk.

Yes its pretty much made from 4X2 and you too can build one if you want. If you want to take a shot at one of these then just email me and ask for them. they’re not entirely complete because I’m rather busy with stuff but I will help you with any problems you have. I don’t charge for incomplete plans but I do ask that you don’t make them available for free online because thats several years worth of my research you’re giving away for nothing. If you do feel you’ve had value from them then you can always make a dontation to the ongoing research with a paypal donation to my email address.

Eventually we’ll have enough of these along with the tennisball ballista to have our own tennisball throwing event. Thats a great day out for the kids.

Just moving research to London… brb.

August 10, 2011

Dear sir, it has come to my attention…

June 7, 2011

A few people out there think that catapults are not a valid form of weapon.

Of course if they’d employed a magister tomentorum instead of “artists” they might have experienced more success. In my world if I wanted to kill someone with a catapult they’d be freaken dead. I hit what I’m aiming at. That a few people are not obviously dead as we speak is a testament to my often doubted, yet actually considerable, tollerance. 

PM of  NZ has sugested that I could give these muppets a lesson. Yeah I could… but they wouldn’t like the lesson I give them.

Vote for me in the AMP scholarship stakes to help prevent “artists” from making dicks of themselves in public.

Whats wrong with this picture?

March 28, 2011

Seriously, there is something very very wrong with whats in this picture.