If the cops wont do the job

June 21, 2008

we’ll damn well do it ourselves.

Its not like you haven’t had long enough to get your shit together. Five years in this case.

Where would one contribute to Mr Murrays defence fund?

Oh come on you KNOW the cops will be charging him. 


Whats right with the western world.

June 15, 2008

A one-legged Royal Navy veteran he rescued his neighbour from being harassed by two men.  Stephen Beerling, 52, dialled 999 and raced to help the women and her baby after hearing screams during the night.

‘But I wouldn’t think twice about stepping in to help people again. I could not have stood by and let it go.

‘The most important thing for right-thinking people is to stand up to criminals who blight our society.’

Whats wrong with it.

But he was arrested when officers spotted a retractable truncheon he had picked up in case he had to protect himself.

Mr Beerling, a Liberal Democrat councillor, was arrested, locked up for 12 hours and charged with possessing an offensive weapon.

 We’re are really pissing evolution off with this crap people. Natural selction will not be denied. Witness that for every hero we have there are 4 PC wankers about to bring him down. And they’re all working for a government on some level.

On the subject of Viet Nam and vets.

June 1, 2008

I’ll defer to someone who has more authority than me, although I did get to see the recieving end of what he talks about. My mother was looking to adopt one of the kids that were on a plane coming out of Nam that never arrived for example.

I’m sick and tired of all these self-righteous fools talking about how they were on the side of the “Vietnamese People”. These people can claim to have spoken for the VC, members of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Red China and the Soviet Union but they do not speak for and have never have spoken for the Vietnamese People and I would ask them to stop claiming they ever did. It’s sick.

The protestors prolonged the war by making the communists believe they could outlast the US and they suceeded. The result of the communist domination of all of Vietnam is a devastated third world country. The country that was once the pearl of the east has become a jail for the 80 million Vietnamese who are not members of the CPV.

The end of the war and the success of the communists lead to the imprisonment of over a million South Vietnamese within reeducation camps resulting in the deaths of 165,000 from executions, torture and starvation. The protestors efforts lead to the largest migration in all of human history resulting in a massive refugee crises and the deaths of 250,000 people in the South China sea. The silence from the anti-war hippies was deafening.

Thong Nguyen (Lincoln, Christchurch)


Keith, Sue, Chris, Turiana, Dear Leader, hes talking to you.

You were wrong, you were then, you are now and you always have been wrong. You want to say sorry to the Vietnamese say sorry to ones you’re responsible for killing under the hand of the “liberating” communists. You spat on and reviled our soldiers then and you just can’t stop now. Your retoric is echoed in the inane prattle of the missinformed and proudly ignorant who just parrot phrases without any real understanding. You even lied about about a Labour government pulling the troops out. It was the previous National Government that made that call.

We were right to fight in Viet Nam, just as we were right to fight in Malaya and in the Indonesian Confrontation and Korea.

We were wrong to leave.

You were wrong to try and make us stop standing by people when we had commited to helping them. the communists will tell themselves how much they enjoyed your support without which they would have given up. If Troter wants to equate people with being Nazis he should equate you and himself with supporting Hitler.

You lie when you claim “New Zealand” was against the war. You are not personally “New Zealand”. New Zealand was divided and you were the noisy long haired ones shouting the loudest. Meanwhile every single New Zealander who fought in viet Nam was a volunteer and we had guys queing up to join the army. If you were the soul of the nation why did vets from previous wars kick your asses when you tried to hijack Anzac Day?

Get your heads around the concept that war is last resort, but it IS a resort and when you are commited to it you carry it through.

The continuing hate and bile with dogma driven retoric heaped upon veterans by the likes of the Maori Party and Chris Troter simply show you remain out of touch with real New Zelanders.

Of soldering and life I have learned the most from Nam vets. Sam Hokianga and Paul McNabb to name but two.

I think we’re at a time where the “anti-war” noise makers need to be quiet thanks. Your time is over, New Zealanders are proud of their military.

Rightly so.

Somewhere in the world a man is sober..

May 28, 2008

For only a dollar a day you can change this.

Thats right give me your money and I’ll piss it away! 100% of your donation* will go the the recipent… and his nearest bottle store. I feel the need to get really smashed and that can’t be done on a student allowance. So give, give early give often. its as worthy as anything the government is blowing your taxes on and i’m not trying to sell on it being something its not.

Drinking Binge Fund

*Except paypals bloody fees. Bastards!

Total Funds Raised Level = Stone cold sober.

Operation chastise – 65 today

May 16, 2008



On the night of 16th/17th of May, 1943, 19 modified Lancaster bombers of 617 squadron took of from R.A.F Scampton to carry out Operation Chastise, the destruction of the dams in Germany’s industrial Ruhr valley.

The only survivor of the raid, Les Munro, is in England for the celebrations today which will include a fly past by one of the only two remaining air worthy Lancasters.

Peter Jackson is set to produce a new film based on the raid and now would be a good time for the new Mayor of London to remind the population that they need to fill the last plinth in Trafalga Square and the candidate is a good one.

And thats what we call a Kiwi trifecta.

Garth Gadsby

April 10, 2008

This man is a man who has made his community safer by making it clear to the law breaking scum that just because the police can’t or wont deal with them doesn’t mean that no one will. Lets face it hes better qualified than the cops for the job.

Send your cash to the Nawai pub to buy Garth a beer. Or to help out with his legal expenses because this country is really fucked up.

The police wont do the job and someone has to. the result of the actions of Garth and other proactive members of the Ngawai community is that four crims are shit scared of them (cry me a fucking river) and wont be coming back for more.

I can live with that.


There’s no such thing as a former Marine.

March 31, 2008

They’re just taking a break.