Just keep that dog of yours out of the trees eh!

August 8, 2007

Casa del Llew has new residents.

Tasty treat sized ones.

A Zillion reasons to go shopping

July 20, 2007

The trade site Zillion is having a birthday celebration by having a $2 reserve auction.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve found Zillion to be a vastly superior system to Trademe and its telling that even though Trademe has a hugely dominant position Zillion has flourished. Not to mention that Tradme has introduced aspects of Zillions system but Zillion hasn’t touched any of Trademes.

So support some competition and go shopping. Yes even overseas buyers can shop. I’ve put up a couple of Gnome Homes but no I’m not giving away the catapult kitsets thanks. The mark up on those is way too small and they sell well enough already.

The birthday sale is here or you can go directly to my items with the buttons on the right.

And thats what number 1 on Google looks like.

March 7, 2007


Eat that Dennis Sheehy!

That’ll teach him to go round perpetrating “folk art”. Taken out by Kiwi with a home foundry and an attitude.

Speaking of which my master plan for Global Gnomanation is proceeding and I’m looking to spend less time selling more time making! If you’re interested is having a crack at distributing in your area I have a marketing system that makes it easy for you and pays well for any new outlets you get.

Currently New Zealand is all taken, a couple of places in the US are taken but the rest of the world is wide open. Drop me a line for details.

What all the cool kids are getting for Christmas this year.

December 22, 2006


These are a new product from the Gnome Home range. I’m calling them Living Gnome Homes. The top of the stump is dished out and you put some potting mix and grass seed in, and within a few weeks you have a grassy roof.

Living Gnome Home kits will be available from the site soon, which will have the gnome home and instructions for making your own, or you can buy the completed stumps from the only outlet that has them – Home & Hozed in Masterton.

Stumps and a mounting service are available from Mathew at Pauatahanui Inlet Gardening Supplies.

The down side of Gnome home ownership.

December 7, 2006

Ed has details of the effects of the RMA on you attempting to house your little friends.

On the right, scroll down.

Check out the funny looking boy while you’re there. Goofy looking young man he is.

Number 6 with an Elf Bolt!

December 7, 2006

Whoo hoo, gnomehomes.co.nz is now the number 6 result on Google (#1 on NZ Google but competition is a little light to be fair).

Go forth an click team, lets take out that prized number one slot from some guys who make a quite cool little modular out buildings in Winnipeg. Come guys, a Gnome would be lost in one of those things, be reasonable!

UPDATE: Look at that, just a little tweaking and we’re up to number 5. Take THAT Dennis Sheehy!

Just out of interest nearly all the second page consists of blog linkage to the my Gnome Homes as well. Now hoe to convert this into cash. Hmm…

Must be something the water.

December 5, 2006

There’s been a real… run on Gnomaloos lately.

In fact this


is the world’s largest single collection of Gnomaloos ever. See what you can get done when you start at 0700.


December 3, 2006

SITREP: as at X-Day minus 22 – 2210 hrs – workday ends.

Demand outstripped production last week, due to me being held up by circumstances beyond my control, and having to care for a beaten mog.

Packaging, dispatch & retail sales have been outsourced. And my father thought he’d retired. HA!

Production is now operating at 200% of normal. The entire house is now classified as a “workshop”, except by IRD who claim I do “other stuff” here as well. Yeah right.

Wellington locals are still able to purchase directly from me, and get both the best possible deal and personalised packaging. Kids are really impressed by seeing their name in print. Trust me.

If you live in central Wellington, feel free to stop by the latest outlet, Christophers for Crystals in Cuba Mall to pick up your Gnome Home. He only got a small order, so I want him cleaned out people. Go forth and commit retail!

As always, for those of you not picked by god to either be born here or live here*: you can still shop on line.

*Governments are temporary and are the tool of the devil – geography lasts a lot longer.

The all new all singing all dancing…

November 26, 2006


Go visit the new site and link the hell out of it. We need to get up there in Google in time for the Christmas rush. It’s capitalism, people!

The new site has a lot of new pages, including instructions on how you make you’re own Gnome Home, if you think they’re too expensive. A quick flip through that, and you’ll be saying: damn, they’re cheap. Hint – do you have a $2,000 furnace as your first item?

You can also send in your own Gnome Home pictures if you already have one and it will be added to the gallery page.

So go forth people. Shop! Your Gnomes Gneed You!

Time to some Christmas shopping.

November 10, 2006

Not for you or your family, but rather for someone you’ve never met and who probably wont even be able to open their presents this year.

They may have badly burned hands, they might not be able to control their hands, they might be blind either temporailly or permanently or they might not have hands any more. What they all have in common is that they have been wounded on duty and are now stuck in a hospital bed and not able to operate a computer normally like the rest of us. In short they are cut off from being able to communicate with their comrades and families.

Project Valour-IT puts them back in contact by providing them with laptops and voice activated software.

At present the Mil Blogs and others are having a “friendly” competition to see who can raise the most money.

As a member of Team Army I’ve made a few things for Castle Argghhh to help out.

I you don’t have that much to spare feel free what you can with a direct donation. On December 25th be thankful you have hands.