And there it is…

April 12, 2011

The Arabs want air cover for terrorists and its ok because they’ll only use it to kill JEWS!

Fuck you ragheads, crack a history book we can get pretty pissy when people try this shit.

And you all said I was crazy when I said the Lybian shot was just a precedent setting exercise for attacking Israel.

Confront Barbarism today!

November 4, 2010

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is about to be hung, if she hasn’t already. This is Irans big concession to world wide outrage at their intention to stone her to death for alledged adultery. For those of you in New Zealand I urge you to express yourselves to the government of Iran.

This is the Embassay of the Islamic Rebuplic of Iran.

This is where you would go to to express your concerns:Te Anau Road, Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand

Alternately you can phone them


or even email them:

Express yourself in a clear, articulate manner and display some manners. Do not threaten or abuse them, that simply creates a perception that Iran is a victim. It will also get your ass aressted. Be stupid in your own time not mine. also keep in mind that inside those gates in Iran and New Zealand law will not protect you.

Let them know how you feel, thats why they have embassies, but show them the western way. We’ve seen their version and frankly it doesn’t impress me.

In answer to the usual arseholes…

August 9, 2010

This is why we fight…

Also this:

Six Americans, two Afghans, a Briton and a German were shot and killed by gunmen in Badakhshan, a remote northeastern region of the country, said Dirk Frans, the director of the International Assistance Mission. Two other Afghans on the team were alive, Frans said.

And this.

Afghanistan’s ruling Taleban have blown up two giant Buddha statues in defiance of international efforts to save them, according to independent reports.

If you question why New Zealand has troops in Afghanistan (not far from the remians of those statues by the way) you must first defend these actions before you get to ask you questions. And I particularly challenge our exceedingly weak and inept media to ASK them why if those people – who suddenly take a day off spitting on our soldiers to “care” about them – why they¬† defend such acks of barabarism. Start with the communist Keith Locke and the professional violent “protester” John Minto since you run to them for comment first but give them a free pass when you do.

So go ahead, defend them.

Hunting the fuckers down and blowing them away seems like a better option to me, but there you go.

It’s almost funny. Almost.

June 4, 2010

I stand with Israel.

June 1, 2010

The IDF was a model of restraint.

June 1, 2010

Based on the information I have recieved. Which by the way started a lot earlier than for the rest of you when I took the call from one of my contacts. Here is something from an unnamed international journalist.

We’re at war with Hamas, and Iranian controlled and fundedgroup whose stated aim is the extermination of a member state of the UN. These people were attempting to bring unknown and uninspected material to that enemy, through a declared military blockage. They attacked troops sent to enforce that blockade. What is their status under international laws relating to conflict?

Indeed this is a good question. What is not being reported is that both Israel AND Egypt – yes thats right Egypt has also blocaked the area because Hammas are a bunch of murdering nutjobs who slaughtered their way throught Fattah to take control of Gaza – offered to have the “aid landed at their ports and delivered from there after inspection. In fact the Israeli navy have been kind enough to SHOW you what they did. The flotilla of terror as its now being known reacted with non-compiance. The reaction from those on the warship is muted but tells you enough that they did not seek a confrontation.

Now I live in a country where we stop ships every other day of the week in our territiorial waters and will impund your ship if you have the wrong number of fish on board or don’t have the right paper work. These ships, with declared hostile intent, had refused inspection, refused cooperation with the lawful authroity and attmepted to repell a lawfull boarding of their ships is sorvrign territorial waters. I dare you tell me that New Zealand would have gone freaken apeshit in those circumstance.

In fact if you watch the video you might get an idea of what they were met with. My personal opinion is that had I been in command of one of the boarding parties I would have withdrawn and requested fire support. A couple of torpedoes being my recomendation. But these are Jews so a different set of rules applies. again I quote my source:

The sheer hypocrisy is what gets me. All these countries that are yelling at Israel would hve done the same or a lot worse if something similar was aimed at them.

Try thinking about the actual situation and apply it to your own country before you just buy into the usual media hysteria. Laws were broken and an aggrssive attempt was made to run a lawful blocakde after options for delivery of “aid” had been offered by two countries. All i can say is they were bloody lucky that only ten were killed. Most other countries would have been a lot less restrained. North Korea for example.

Its called a war for a bloody reason.

Once again I marvel at the professionalism and restrait of the IDF who all know damn well that regardless of what they do they will be accused of a masacre.

Initiate Plan Danegeld!

January 29, 2010

Because its always worked so well before.

In fact the results have consistantly shown that when you pay your enemy conditions improve.

For them.

Way to fund terrorism you fuckwits.

FBI rules out terrorism…

November 6, 2009

Hitting Metal With A Hammer rules: Terrorism, radical Islam is the culprit.Shooter: Major Malik Nadal Hasan a convert to Islam in the Medical Corps.

Make racial profiling mandatory!


Racism in Australia – the facts

June 10, 2009

We’ve seen a LOT of hysteria from the media about racism in Oz. And they make it clear, the problem is those white supremist bastards beathing up the Indian students.

The problem I had with all the reports is that when people are shouting at cameras and they have a beef with someone they are generally pretty up front with telling us WHO that beef is with. No such mention was made. But its ok the media have kindly filled in the blanks and we’re told this is an extension of those evil white supremists at Cronulla who inspired the innocent muslims to retaliate by smahsing everything thye could get their hands on at night.

Problem. I suspect this is not acutally true. The follwing was sent to me by an Australian because hes concerned out media are being less than forthcoming with us.

Fun fact about that – turns out the attacks are being carried our by Lebanese in Sydney, and Somali/Sudanese Muslims in Melbourne.

Which doesn’t exactly explain my we were treated to the sight of a local imam on brekfast TV castigating skippies for racism and demanding conciousness raising classes for evil whites and extra police protection for “victims such as Musklims”.

Make of it what you will. The mainstream media certainly have.

Maybe the sight of Indians and whites together clashing with Muslims will be your first clue that you’ve been sold bullshit. Not me though.

Please think before you pick a name for your terrorist group.

February 12, 2009

We have enough trouble taking you dickheads serously but when you call yourself Moro Islamic Liberation Front you’re doomed to lifelong ridicule.