HMWAH Apoints New Patron Goddess.

Jessica Simpson

Because its my sire and I bloody well say so, thats why!


Not to mention PETA and Pammy Anderson don’t like her and THATS all the endorsment I need.

Now if i can arrange a Jess vs Pammy cat fight and sell tickets I could retire and buy the New Zealand election.

Well retirement sounds good anyway.

Besides which, *Jess is as cute and harmless as a baskets full of kittens. Even if the Dukes of Hazard sucked a kumera if she wants to come round and polish my General Lee in a tiny pink bikini I for one am not going to fight her on it.

*The management wishes it to be known that we here at Hitting Metal With a Hammer have very low expectations of our appointed patron goodess and looking good while not telling us what to do with our lives is all we ask.


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