Welcome to Camp Marius

Welcome to the worlds smallest Roman marching camp, Camp Marius.


If the Roman army had had this sort of machinery they never would have evacuated Waldgimers and we would have skipped two world wars.


And look at those nice clear fire zones for the ballistae, no sneaking up on my camp thank you very much!


I’m thinking of springing for a gateway with a firing platform as well, but thats a latter consideration. I’ll be going with the caltrop style of defence rather than the pallisade stake system. Pics when I get round to it.


22 Responses to Welcome to Camp Marius

  1. Is that supposed to be a moat? (Where’s the water going to come from?)

  2. pmofnz says:

    That looks like fun! Where is it?

    When can I range Katie onto the camp? Should look impressive lobbing a few into the moat. Hope there is a gofer to retrieve the bricks afterward.

  3. Dave t says:

    Why are you digging the foundations for Helen Clarke’s new home? Is it to make sure she can’t get out again?

    Or is this you retiring to your ‘far away from the climate change hippies’ residential complex complete with swimming track?

    we need to know….

  4. pmofnz says:

    How much for the resource consent?

    RMP in place for dimwitted stubborn media reps?

  5. Murray says:

    No Steven its suposed to be a ditch, I refer you to its ditchlike aspect. Water doesn’t slow barbarians down, the honking big hedge of spikes with the lines of heavily armed legionaries does.

    This is Roman not Norman.

    Peter the camp will be manned by members of 22AD with the Roman artillery, any “rageing in” my have an adverse impact on those members quality of life. What is this “resource consent” of which you speak? Sadly we weent neither deep no high enough for it to apply. Its almost like someone planned it that way. As for media wombles I prefer not to interfer with natural slection.

    Dave we’ve sent Helen off to New York… without her husband. Maybe you could organise an overseas posting for your braincell PM.

  6. Old Fat Sailor says:

    And you jest about my little compound in the mountains….

  7. Murray says:

    You’re more likely to get a vist from ATF than I am.

  8. Anarkeytek says:

    um… what if mount ballistae on the wee hills on either side and just hurf stuff at you?

  9. Murray says:

    What say you just worry about the graphics and I’ll take care of the tacics Mr Civilian.

    Shit you give them ONE link and they come in second guessing everything!

    What the hell happened to my hippie filter goddmamit!!!!

  10. Will says:

    Look’s great. Has it got the authentic Roman ‘ankle breaker’ profile? – where the attackers jump in the ditch to escape the barrage of missiles from the defenders only to find the bottom isn’t foot-friendly.

  11. Murray says:

    Its currently got a rounded bottom Will. the ground was a bit dry and crumbly when we dug it. I’ll be getting in with a spade to sharpen it up whens its a bit more settled.

    And I have time.

  12. Shapiro says:

    Needs more BBQ pits.

  13. Murray says:

    Fucking grunts.

  14. Shapiro says:

    You’d know, y’cardboard treadhead.

  15. Murray says:

    Weekend wannabe!

  16. Shapiro says:

    You commanded this weekend wannabe in the art of packed lunches – where’s the bloody BBQ pits????

  17. Murray says:

    We use braziers noddy. We’re full tac but I own all the artillery so we don’t feel the need to hide.

  18. Shapiro says:

    What cup size brazier?

  19. Murray says:

    Big enough for a sheep.

  20. 1000 years from now some archaeologist is going to make his reputation proving the Romans were in Kiwiville.

    I’m with Shapiro. Needs more ‘que facilities. Though all the greasy fingers will probably cause an injury or two amongst the skein-winders. Isn’t that what they called Gunners back in that day, Murray?

  21. And thinking about it – I think the place you took the second picture from would be a good location (recognizing that I don’t actually see the terrain, so mebbe not) for putting my howitzer when we test our respective firepower theories.

  22. Murray says:

    Coincidently thats actually the emplacement for the catapults.

    Its where we should at people attacking the camp which as the alternate codename “Tethered Goat”.

    And you are correct the name for gunners was derived from the latin “tormentum” and the commander was known as the Magister Tormentorum”. Which could be misread as master tourturer.

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